The Perverse Guide To Getting Hired 2

  1. Part 2 - The Interview

    So now you've got that big chance to shine in person. Once again, you've got to stand out from the crowd! First, consider your apparel carefully. Gold lame harem pants will leave a lasting impression, as will a nice fish or penis tie, available in classier novelty stores. Make these items staples of your professional wardrobe. Next, practice that handshake, and consider adding a little thumb twist manuever or a good high-five. And remember, no one likes shaking dry, chapped hands, so make sure yours are damp when you leave the restroom. Now jump right in, and distinguish yourself with your first words. Here's some suggestions for opening lines:

    "The voices told me I'm perfect for this job."
    "I can make an impressive incendiary device from just your tie, that pen, and a quart of anti-freeze."
    "Maybe you can't tell, but I'm not wearing any underwear."
    "Let's make this fast, I'm late for my medication."
    "The foil wrapped around my head is to block out invisible rays."
    "I was once abducted by a UFO, and the aliens let me pilot their starship."
    "I brought my invisible friend, is that okay?"
    "I have the gift of second sight, and if you step on Flight 109, it will be your last!"
    Now that you've made a big impression, make sure you'll have plenty of time to expound upon your finer qualities. Consider handcuffing yourself to the interviewer's desk, or perhaps smear super-glue on your hand and grab them while shouting "Wonder twin powers, activate!"

    Conclude the interview as notably as you began it. A gratuity is always welcome, so palm the interviewer a crisp new dollar in the closing handshake while saying "Guess Mr. Washington and I have this job wrapped up, huh? (wink, wink)" And certainly don't forget the follow-up! Unless a restraining order has been obtained by the employer, call collect every hour thereafter to remind them of your sincerity.
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    I'm wondering if this really works! Couldn't help to:chuckle
    Happy Nursing~Angie
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    Oh, now I get it...I thought it said the PERVERTS guide to getting hired....:imbar