the person who invented call bells should be shot

  1. Another rant... did you expect anything else?
    Is it wrong to want tell a patient where to stick there buzzer?
    Okay so I would never actaully say it, but today I have had enough, I have been working looong days in a private hospital and I want to go back to the NHS, I miss having to look for items instead of being overwhelmed with choice,

    Actually I think I actulaly miss sick patients, or having work to do... today there was 4 patients, when there was staff on for the 16 rooms

    There is nothing, and I really do mean nothing to do at times, the patients don't want you to talk to them, they like acting down a cable, and as they are the customer they get what they want.

    There is only one patient that has realy annoyed me today, I spent about 3 hours this am making his bed, because it wasn't quite right for him, it was hard enough to do the flipping hospital corners on my own without him 'helping'. Then he went down to theatre, and when he came back he needed his o/s cleaning about every 10 minutes as it was +++ leaking.

    Which I did, smiling as he chuntered on about the quality of care he was recieving, whilst still trying to buzz for a nurse:rolleyese: so I thought Right time to CYA chart... I couldn't find his n/notes, so I went and got them and the staff nurses who is my mentor has signed that she did all his pre and post op care, I may be being petty cos 'Mr. I buzzed to see how quickly you could get here in an emergency' has racked me off, I know my mentor is suposed to countersign my work after I sign it and document it, but I had to explain to the s/r what I had done all day, because I am not charted as having done anything. As my mentor had wrote that they had bathed, dresed, wc etc etc..

    And just as I was leaving (I got to finish early today) 'Mr my TV is not quite set at the right brightness buzzed again.'
    Was it wrong to smile as I walked from the doors????

    in my 'cold' imposed break from allnurses I have learnt to rant about two topics at the same time
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  3. by   cactus wren
    Although call light over offenders can be a pain, I really like them better than the ones who call"Nurse,nurse !!" Doesn`t matter how often I tell them my name either.....nurse........
    My little ICU has a center nurses desk, and rooms with glass doors.....and it`s hard to hide....... .......have grown a huge ivy in the center of desk, and if you sit just right you can stay out of patients line of sight,but still peek around plant to observe.......:roll ........especially good when you have a"NURSE>>>>NURSE>>>>" patient who waits until you sit down to chart, or take off orders...." weren`t doing anything, were you? pillow has wrinkles"""
  4. by   Whisper
    one good part about this ward is that the doors are wooden with no windows, and off a corridor... and most of the pt's hide in their rooms
    Yes whisper, they should. With a very large gun.

  6. by   Whisper
    up against the wall with the guy who invented nurse call....
  7. by   SmilingBluEyes
    how bout those "nurse tracking devices"? much more evil and aggravating than any call bell could be!
  8. by   prn nurse
    They gave us nurse locators 5 years ago....and said we had to pay $65 if we lost it...............

    I put my on the desk at the nurses station and refused to wear it....night shift.....who complained?
    no one...within 2 weeks , they were all on the desk, within a year, they were history....

    I told em when I go to the bathroom, or down the hall to borrow something from another unit..or to use a printer..or whatever............ it's no body's business...

    who wrote you only have to take a much crap as you permit them to shove onto you?? true..
  9. by   Sleepyeyes
    One pt I truly LOVED and APPRECIATED was on the light q5min and if you didn't answer his call light soon enough, would "accidentally" pull his NG tube out.....
  10. by   Whisper
    Nurse trackers??? I have never heard of those before, but they do sound like a satanic invention.

    I can't belive the length some people will go to get attention, I have never seen people pull NG tubes out, but I have seen people 'accidently' catch the cardiac arrest alarm.
  11. by   karenG
    we had a call system that allowed you to talk to the pts from the nurses pt was really really annoying- would buzz all the time. so one day,one of the docs answered him from the nurses station, telling him to shut up and stop annoying the nurses!! the result was that the pt thought God had been speaking to him and never buzzed again!! wish I'd thought of it!

  12. by   Whisper
    Karen G wow!!!

    I always thought doctors were deaf to call bells That is great for them to stick up for you.