The Perfect Labor Storm Fact Book by Ira Wolfe

  1. Many times I have started threads as well as commented on threads about the nursing shortage and shortages of other types of skilled medical workers. However I had no idea that a much broader shortage of skilled labor is about to occur in all industries all over the world. I heard the author of a book called The Perfect Labor Storm give a talk about the coming labor shortage during a televised seminar on labor held in Central Pa. His name is Ira Wolfe and he calls the coming labor shortage a "PERFECT STORM". Even though the book was written for HR people I was curious enough to order the book for myself. Here is an excerpt from a review of the book on "Aging workers, retiring baby boomers, rising health care cost, shortages of skilled workers, generational gaps, work ethics are just a few of the workforce demographic and socio-economic events that are colliding to produce the biggest shortage in history of skilled workers in the United States and many other developed countries." It strikes me that the Healthcare Industry may be facing a even bigger problem than it realizes.