The past weeks rain...

  1. Here are some pictures from this past 5days rain fest we have been having here.. Thank Gosh the sun is out

    and here is a pretty one..

    And prior to the rain this river was 2.2ft (perfect for floating), at this point in the pic it was up to 20ft.

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  3. by   plumrn
    Arkansas is a beautiful state. I enjoyed my visit to Hot Springs last year. I can't believe that last picture. A 20 foot rise!
  4. by   jnette
    WOW !!! :uhoh21: That's some SERIOUS rain !!! You be careful out on those roads !

    I love that second pic.. the waterfall... beautiful shot.

    That river reminds me of the one here we go tubing on... can't wait for summer now... go tubin' with the kids !
  5. by   Tweety
    jnette, I was just thinking that second and third picture reminds me of the NC mountains.
  6. by   walterrn
    I live in the desert..............I want rain......................well, maybe not THAT much rain :chuckle :chuckle

    Walter the Nurse
  7. by   ARmickie
    We live more in the north central part of the state, so it wasn't nearly that bad for us, but my heart goes out to those in the middle of this. Some of my favorite places in the state are in the northern areas, and it's a shame to see this. We got a considerable amount, but things are drying out nicely. DH wasn't too happy that he was having to recut the grass so soon, though! :chuckle As we progress through the summer, though, it'll likely turn on us and we'll be needing the rain again... such is the weather in Arkansas. If you don't like it, hang around, it'll chance in a second... In all seriousness, my heart goes out to the mother who's two babies were swept out of the car in the flood waters.
  8. by   SmilingBluEyes
    When it rains, there is nothing gentle about it in that part of the country. I don't miss the weather there. But the pix are amazing.