The new Mel Gibson movie

  1. I pampered myself with a movie today. It was "We Were Soldiers", about the Air Calvary in Vietnam in 1965. Mel Gibson had a great performance.

    There were three scenes in this movie, about battle, which I have never seen depicted before. Has anyone else seen this movie?

    One scene depicted death. The soldier was young and health, but shot and dying. As he died, the camera depicted his pupils relaxing. I wonder if that happens in real life....if your pupils change like that at the moment when you die.

    A second scene depected what happens when a white phosphorous grenade explodes near you. A soldier got some white phosphorous on his face, and it burned right into and almost through his head. Wow. I never saw that depected.

    The third scene I've never seen depicted was a soldier after being hit by napalm. It was a US GI, of Japanese descent. It was a terrible scene, with half of his body burned, and his skin peeling off. It looked very real, and the computer effects in this movie were something.

    There was also a "coming attraction" for a movie which depicted a nuclear detonation in Washington, I believe. A spy movie. Thats kind of thought provoking, in light of the terrorist attacks. The coming attraction scene depicted the blast-wave as it crossed a highway.

    You can tell I don't watch TV at all, and have not been to the movies since the Summer. What I saw today really left an impression.
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  3. by   fergus51
    That's one of the reaons I have cut down in movies in the last six months. It seems like there have been a lot of gory or war movies lately. I personally, don't need to see it.
  4. by   semstr
    Hi Mario,

    Can't tell you the details on each of these terrible injuries,
    Saw and nursed, human-beings who were injured by nerve- and other poisongas during the Iran-Iraq-war in the 80 ths.
    They were flown in, after being triaged by "doctors without frontiers" saw them.
    Can't even start to describe how they looked, burned, peeled, raw boned, horrormovie-like!
    Children among them etc.
    A lot of these people died in the end because of sepsis and lung-injuries.

    That's one of the reason, I don't want to watch a film like that.
    I saw real human-beings and had to take care of them, no film on earth, ever, will picture the true thing!

    You take care, as on "old" marine, LOL, you should know how, Renee
  5. by   oramar
    Saw it recently. Viet Vet tells me his newsletter warns them not to go. Now I know why.
  6. by   micro
    brain activity and pupil changes are yes part of life and death.....

    pupils dilated and fixed.......pupils pinpoint and fixed......
    pupils, unequal, dilated and fixed.......

    no pulse, no respiration, absence of b/p, no response to stimuli, and pupils fixed and dilated..........for over period of .........minutes...........

    the time of death is a strange, sad, mysterious thing to see and be a part of helping that person through.......

    please all, I am a nurse....and death is a part of our job......

    I am not Dr. Jack.........not this thread please.........

    but care of the dying patient and their families is very very much part of that job.....we love to do.......and b & m about.......

    movies............extreme I am going back a ways.........but it brings up great scientific possibilities, restrictions in research, but also the ethical and moralality of it all.....

    leave it there.....for noc.....

    hey all sleep well
  7. by   mario_ragucci
    I know what you mean Oramar. It was a ra-ra movie for sure, and not for consumption of anyone who has been trained for battle.

    Especially the way that movie depicted the Vietnamese soldiers just running up and dying, with AK-47's in hand. Thats false. In real life, with that weapon, they could have taken up positions and had a turkey shoot.

    Also, the movie made it sem like only married officers died there, and focused to much on the "couples aspect" of losing a loved one.

    And the scene at the end, was whacked. Yewd have to be an expert, and insaine/stupid huey pilot to fly into an area at ground level like that. Only Rambo can do that!

    The movie was total hollywood, and not reality, in the way the scenerios were presented.
  8. by   Dplear
    Mario, Have you ever been "combat Trained"? I have. I enjoyed the movie very much and hope it wins an much deserved Oscar next year. I also know for a fact that in Viet Nam there were charges like that on fixed postions held by American and South Vietnamese troops. The North Vietnamese Military took their doctrine from the Old Soviet model and that included charges by a large number of troops to overwhelm a position. They did not care for the lives of thier troops and only the objective that mattered was taking the position.

    As for the Helicopters flying that low to the ground, it is hopw they fly into and out of many LZ's. It is called Nap of the earth flying and also known as terrain flying. It is safest way for a helo to get into someplace under fire. It ios much harder to hit an object that is hauling ass a few feet off the ground that is over you for only a second. If you fly at altitude they have all the time to put a shoulder fired SAM up your rear end and really give you a bad day. I alos know piolots that would fly through a barrage of weapons fitring at them to get to the troops that they support. A soldier will dop anything humanly and sometimes superhumanly possible to help a fellow soldier in need. They would give up thier life to save the life of a fellow soldier. It is the best brotherhood (and sisterhood) and most honorable group of people you will ever meet.

    so nothing against you but untill you learn about something liket s please do not offer opinions. questions are always welcomed and will be answered. That is how you learn.

    (a fewllow soldier taught me this saying/prayer: Lord if on this batttle field one of our side should need to die, let it be me so that my comrade iin arms may go home to be with his family....)
  9. by   mario_ragucci
    Yes Dave I was combat trained during the early 80's, at Parris Island. And as a rodio operator grunt, I understand this kind of stuff well. I know that you can place a round at neck and shoulders from a prone position with the 5.56mm at 500m. Maybe I should take the perspective of a VC, and not a hard charger. The VC didn't receive the training we did. Blah, Blah Blah :-)

    I know that those hilos make alot of noise on their way in. In that last scene, during the charge, when the hueys with "puff" mounted on it killed the entire VC battalion, it did appear unrealistic. I know those pilots would do anything to save men too. Again, I am a USMC veteran.

    Again, those hilos make alot of noise on the way in. Surely that VC mounted machinegunner would have been thinking about that sound, right. But lets say the huey appeared from over a hilltop. It still would have caught the attention of many AK-47's, especially since it was shown to be right smak dab in the center of the perimeter. It's hard to imagine it doing what it did in the movie without a single RPG or several emptied 7.62 mm clips being directed toward it.

    Again, I am taking this from a Marine's perspective, knowing that I can place a round at neck and shoulders from 200m in a standing position. The VC probably didn't spend 2 weeks at the rifle range learning about their weapons. Those weapons are deadly, and very accurate, in the hands of trained individuals. The Vietnamese soldiers were not Marines, so my thinking stands corrected. :-)
  10. by   donmurray
    Mel Gibson? Haven't seen it, but let me guess. Individualist psychopath, half-crazed with grief, spectacularly kills lots of people for his principles. Close?
  11. by   mario_ragucci
    Originally posted by Dplear
    Mario, Have you ever been "combat Trained"? I have.

    so nothing against you but untill you learn about something liket s please do not offer opinions. questions are always welcomed and will be answered. That is how you learn.

    Dave, I also want to say that your ability to judge other people based on your own interpretations is hasty and unsatisfactory. You jump to conclusions way too fast, which denotes an undisciplined soldier. We're you in the Army or something?

  12. by   oramar
    Anybody get the History channel? They actually did the History or Hollywood thing with this movie. They had no less than eight veterans of this battle there to critique We Were Soldiers. It was interesting to see all those vets in the flesh, none of them fitted the sterotype of crazy vet with a ragged uniform and a M16 taking pot shots at innocent bystanders. Not one of them seemed to be living in the past. They remember the past and honor the past but they don't live there. My husband was the same way. Thirty five years ago at the age of 20 he got home from Viet Nam and he stepped off the plane into the future. He rarely looks back. He has had a nice life. Of course the fact that he spent those same 35 years married to a wonderful woman helped a lot.
  13. by   eb_rn
    i loved we were soldiers....i was mezmorized!!!!!i have always been curious about vietnam...the country...the war......our gov't insane thought process.....why we did what we did.....i have a huge respect for the military...but of all the war movies, i think this one did the most outstanding job......Mel is fabulous........but I usually like his movies.....