the new, all encompassing clothing/undie poll...

  1. ok... here goes...
    to make it for all the people, men, women, and indifferent...

    Clothes... Outer, inner?

    To do, or not to do....
    Personally, I'm into an all streaking world... why not.... cleanup would be real easy...
    haha... I'll just hide under that sheet over there....

    seriously though...
    whats your view on underwear?
    with, without, or indifferent...
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  2. Poll: clothing articles

    • I wear my bra....supportive, and, cross the heart... hmm... this time it sounds like current boyfriend...

      50.00% 9
    • I wear my undershirt....kinda like that look under scrubs

      11.11% 2
    • I go without bra or undershirt... free as a bird

      0% 0
    • I like boxers...

      11.11% 2
    • I like briefs (tighty whiteys?)

      11.11% 2
    • I just dont like clothes all together... and, if I had a choice, i'd go nekked... woo hoo!

      33.33% 6
    • I NEED MY CLOTHES!!! no nudes is good news...

      22.22% 4
    • I wear my sunglasses at night...

      16.67% 3
    • I burned by bra....

      5.56% 1
    • I choose not to comment, as the author is seriously out of her mind, and although cute, is severely cracked....

      27.78% 5
    18 Votes / Multiple Choice
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  4. by   Mama Val
    Depends on the mood of the day
    whats clean
    don't do underwire though
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  5. by   researchrabbit
    Gotta tell ya -- when I was young and thin, I'd have been happy to live in the no clothes that I'm young at heart and, er, "fluffy", I think teenagers would run away screaming and vow never to eat again! I'd hate to cause all that anorexia!
  6. by   Jenny P
    Originally posted by Mama Val

    don't do underwire though [/B]
    And I don't remember when the last time I ever had a bra without an underwire-- maybe when I was in 4th or 5th grade? (I was always told that large busted women needed good support). :uhoh21: