The Money Pit

  1. I absolutely hate my house. We bought it two years ago. We refinanced this year for a lower rate and a 15 year mortgage, so the payments are horribly high, but when I retire it will be paid for.

    It's only six years old, so we figured it was a good buy. NOT. They previous owner we are finding out was the cheapest SOB around. The roof is leaking, the tile in the living room is coming up and cracking, and I won't tell you about the sprinkler system we paid big bucks for to fix. Now the phone lines are dying and the phone men can't figure it out. The kitchen is as cheap as they come.

    This house is cursed. I hate it. Perhaps it's us though. We moved into a condo we bought about five years ago and it promptly sprung a leak and the roof had to be torn apart to find the leak. We eventually sold it, but it was a money pit too.

    sigh......I miss the good old days when I could call the landlord and get things fixed.
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  3. by   colleen10
    Hi 3rd guy, for a second there I thought you were referring to my house which my husband and I bought in February 2001.

    So far our Housing Assessment done by our County, which they use to base our property taxes, has gone up by 13,000.00 dollars. We discovered a crack in the foundation, knob and tube wiring, and our box gutters literally have fist size holes in them and it will cost $14,000.00 to redo them. Not to mention all the money, time, and sweat equity we have allready invested to redo hard wood floors, reinsulate the attic, etc. etc. etc.

    I totally feel for you and know where you are coming from.

    Good luck and try your best to keep a sense of humor about all of this stuff. If that doesn't work I have a good friend named Jack Daniles that I always keep near by.

  4. by   BadBird
    It could be worse, you could be living on a sinking boat, LOL. Just kidding, I know the pain of homeownership too, I got lucky with the house I am in now, very little maintenance, all brick, had a new roof, furnace, ac ; all I did was paint and redo the hardwood floors (hired someone for that, too much work). My next move will be to a condo/townhouse as I don't want any more yard work or outside maintenance of any kind.
    Note to self: don't read threads like these before the closing.

    When's the closing?
  7. by   Rustyhammer
    For Colleen and 3rdshiftguy,

    There was once a man who lived out in the country and had a horse who was a fine animal except for an occasional limp.
    The man was worried and took the horse to the vet and told him. "Doc, What should I do about this horse? I never know when she is going to start limping?" The doc looked at the horse and then at the man and said "The next time she walks without a limp.....Sell her".