The Lump of Clay

  1. The Lump of Clay

    As the Master Potter was walking,
    He spotted a lump of clay.
    It wasn't very pretty,
    Quite insifigant many would say.

    It was dirty and covered with stone,
    But He picked it up and said;
    "I'm going to give it a home."

    "I see great potential in this, He said,
    I'm going to clean it, and mold Give it new life,
    Bring it from the dead."

    So little by little He removed each stone.
    He washed it and held it and said,
    "You never more will be alone."

    He squeezed it and molded it
    Until pliable it became.
    He placed it on His wheel and said,
    "I'm going to give it a new name."

    Never again insignificant
    And dirty will it be.
    It's going to be a masterpiece
    For all to see."

    As time passed on,
    It began to take shape.
    It yielded to His love,
    It came awake!

    "My dear vessel He said
    I must fire you now.
    I love you so much,
    No insignificance will I allow."

    Through the fire it was tested,
    In the cooling it was tried.
    He removed it from the oven.
    "My dear sweet vessel" He cried.

    "I will now apply the finish,
    The beautiful glaze."
    With beauty He covered it,
    It was reaching its final phase.

    Once again He fired it,
    Its beauty to set.
    Its finishing touch,
    Would be seen yet.

    When He finished it He said,
    "My beautiful vessel,
    To the Savior you'll be wed.

    Your new name is Christian,
    No more insignificant you'll be.
    You are forever with the Master,
    Radiant masterpiece for all eternity.

    Copyright Frances LeMay 2003
    Last edit by FranEMTnurse on Dec 3, '07 : Reason: When I submitted it, it came apart. I corrected it. I hope it stays.
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  3. by   Thunderwolf
    Beautifully created, Fran. Very nicely done. I really loved the flow and choice of wordings.

    Thank you.