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  1. For most part I don't like reality TV but I have in the past watched a few episodes of Big Brother. If you added all the episodes of Big Brother together I have watched it would probably add up to around 10. I turned in looking for CSI Miami and end up watch the first episode of BB. They said off the top that two of the contestants were related and did not know it. It was obvious who they were to the viewer because they resembled each other. In addition, they did not look like other the contestants who resemble models and movie stars more than real people. I never felt so much like a peeping Tom in my life as I did when I watched that poor young man start to realize this person was a half sister he never knew about. It just so happens that the fellow has a soul, he might be an average person in looks and fortune but he actually shines out amoung all the movie star wantabes. My problem is that I feel in setting up this situation the people that produce this show are showing a certain lack of sensitivity. I am worrying that I am showing insensitivy by watching and being a party to it.
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  3. by   J Lynn
    I feel guilty at times too. People's feelings could get hurt really bad, their lives will change for this experience. What's bad about the summer, there is nothing else on TV except reruns and new reality shows. I TiVo'd Big Brother last night, so I haven't seen it yet. Until my conscience gives me a swift kick in the butt, I'll keep watching it.
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  4. by   oramar
    One more thing, the theme of this one is "never assume anything", so the whole thing could be a trick. They could have this poor young man thinking he had found his long lost sister when in fact it is not true. At that point it would go from being insensitive to cruel. I would not put anything past these people that produce these reality shows.
  5. by   Audreyfay
    I agree, I put nothing past these people. "Makes good TV." they say. But, think about the lives that are affected by it. Makes me mad, but I watch it. Usually it's the movie star wantabe's who are on. But the half brother/sister has gone too far.
  6. by   Energizer Bunny
    In general, I would say that these people that sign up for reality shows know what they are in for and are basically asking for all the editing to make them look good/bad and all the other things. BUT, in this case, they couldn't possibly know what is going to happen. I DO think they have gone to far and am almost glad that I have classes on Tues/Thurs nights. I was mad last night that I missed it until I heard what was going on. now, I don't care, but I don't want to miss Amazing Race...that's one even dh will watch with me!
  7. by   phn92
    As I watched Big Brother last night, I thought is this going to hurt someone for the rest of their life? I'm not sure is this should have been part of the show. I wondered how they found out about this connection. I do admire this guy (I don't know their names yet) for keeping quiet about it for now. I do like BB and will continue to watch it.
  8. by   nurseygrrl
    Things in reality TV are getting a tad bit ridiculous. Once again, you have to draw a line and the execs that make up these shows don't know where to do that.
  9. by   nekhismom
    I've always liked the BB shows. This one was a bit overboard, though, IMO. I'll keep watching, so long as it is TiVo'd.
  10. by   oramar
    Only watched 1st episode. Did not watch the rest for reasons stated above. Now I find myself wondering what happened.