The kids are sick again

  1. Seems like the someone in my house has been sick all winter. It started in October when I got bronchitis, and then wound up hospitalized for pneumonia. Since then every one of the kids had the flu, with fever, coughing and achiness. First hubby got it, then my son, then all of the grandkids. Took them to the docs, gave them cough medicine, decongestant, and ibuprofen. After that, the kids all got a fever and headache for two days, Back to the docs again. It was a virus, give them ibuprofen. Now every one has a stomach thing, with vomiting and diarrhea. Another trip to the doctors, another virus. I've spent so much time at the pediatrician's that I think he should just rent me a room. And the kids have missed way too much school. And of course, they don't all get sick at the same time. They get it one or two at a time to stretch everything out over days. Just something else to make this a long hard winter.
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  3. by   aimeee
    Sounds like you will be glad to see spring come too. We have been fortunate to have only had one bout of the sickies here this winter, but I know just what you are talking about and it ain't fun! Hope everybody is healthy soon.
    Bummer. I've had winters like that. Luckily though, we've been relatively <knock on wood> sick free this winter.

    Hope you're family is feeling better soon!

  5. by   Mimi Wheeze
    I'm knocking, too! We've all been pretty healthy this winter.

    Hope everybody is feeling better soon!
  6. by   emily_mom
    I'VE been healthy all winter (except the week of X-mas...), but my family has been sick constantly. Hubby had heart probs (at 31!!), had hand surgery w/ complications, bleeding ulcer, anxiety, etc.... Not to mention the strept throat he brought home last week...

    Em's been battling sinus infections. I was hoping we'd be done with this after her T & A...
  7. by   cpgrn
    My son was sick twice - hubby once. I've been lucky but still stuck home when my son's sick. Mostly I use my sick days for him. I work in a school and we have had the most sick children in the history of this school this year. It's just been a bad year. I hope everyone is well again soon and spring comes early.
  8. by   kids
    Wow, I had forgotten the days of having young school kids (gee thanks, here I was, comfortably numb and you triggered a flashback).

    A couple of things that sure seemed to help us were running the dishwasher on the long cycle and using the heat dry, the other was getting the small size tubes of tooth paste (one for each of us) and storing it with our toothbrush in individual zipper bags.
  9. by   oramar
    Oh my gosh RNinICU, I just watched this medical report on the news today. It was talking about how terrible this winter has been for children as far as infectious illness. They said just one virus after the other plus strep has passed through the area. The Hong Kong flu swept through the school age crowd knocking whole schools out for several days at a time. A few schools had absentee rates of 80% and had to close. So it musta happened all over the place. Hope everyone is feeling better.
  10. by   Angella Walker
    My kids get sick regardless of the season. I just look at it as a day off. I kinda like snuggling with my kids in my bed when they aren't feeling well. Lets me know that they still need me. btw, my kids are brats. I wanted them to be independant but they took it too far
  11. by   deespoohbear
    Kind like a dog chasing its tail, isn't it? The past week has been a trip around here. Hubby had a cold, passed it to me (which developed into a sinus infection and bronchitis) and then hubby got sick again last night (had him in ER) and one of my kids had a 101 fever last night. And my parents are coming to visit. The may be playing more of nurse when they are here.

    Hope everyone is well soon!!
  12. by   SmilingBluEyes
    I feel for ya. My daughter has some awful croupy cough that gets SO hard she throws up. It makes for some awful nights and she is quite cranky, understandably. I feel for ya. I know how it is! Hangin there and look forward to SUMMER!
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