the joy of a root canal!

  1. Everyone in this house has gone to bed, so it's up to you out there. Come here and bring that shoulder with you. I had a throbbing (no, it wasn't pelvic congestion) in my bottom molar. I get this sinking feeling. I got in right away to my fav dentist. xray didn't show to much but the description of the pain led him to believe he had to to the rc.I was in there an hour. He had trouble finding the third lingual canal, and found some drainage. I said 'dlkhfhhejk dkedkfiiis' with the dam out of my mouth it meant I told you it hurt. I can just now feel the inside of my cheek.He double numbed me and the freezing lasted6 hours!. I chatted(or tried to) with the girls at the desk. One I went to school with in grade four. My left ear was frozen as was my left eye.I swear I was drooling, but they said they'd let me know if I was. Hmmmm.It is really starting to ache now, so will take some advil. Thank god I gave birth, or I would have thought a root canal would hurt or something like that. Just what cranial nerve was he messing around with anyway. Whoever guesses I'll send the ring I got from his treasure box. It's real purdy!!

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  3. by   CEN35
    I have experienced "The Joy", five times!

    Enough said.......
  4. by   night owl
    YOU AND ME BOTH!!!!! My teeth are worth more than my car...
    How's this for a root canal horror story:

    I once went to the dentist with a chipped tooth that was causing me severe pain (upper, third to the left). Now, I'm a baby, so I was numbed VERY well. After completing the first step, I asked for a mirror to see what the tooth looked like. Imagine my shock to see my hurting, chipped tooth UNTOUCHED! I asked the assistant to show me the tooth he worked on and she pointed to the second tooth from the back! He did a root canal on the WRONG FREAKIN TOOTH! He then proceeded to charge me for both, as his x-rays showed I did have "considerable decay" in that tooth. BUT IT WASN'T THE ONE THAT I WENT IN FOR!

    The whole deal ate up my dental limit for the entire year, and this was in February!

  6. by   123lisa
    I had my first root canal last year. I was never in so much pain as then......I was not numbed on my re-visit and he was prodding my nerve.....ooooouuuuuch!!. Maybe this DDS was not very good........I never want him to do a root canal on my again.....the tooth still has sensation but not to painful.......I am not going to tell him though.............
  7. by   EndoRN
    I have a root canal horror story to share.

    Oct '00
    Went in for routine cleaning. Was told I needed a small cavity filled.

    Nov '00
    Had the cavity filled. CONSTANT pain and sensitivy for the next 6 wks!!

    Jan '01
    Dentist determined he had accidently "hit the nerve" while filling the tooth. He removed the silver filling and placed a temorary medicated filling to try and save the nerve.

    Feb '01
    Returned to have temporary filling removed and a permanent silver filling placed again. When the dentist attempted to do this he encountered exposed nerve and a lot of bleeding. Placed another temporary filling. CONSTANT pain again. (ruined my vacation. )

    March '01
    Dentist drilled into the tooth and did a pulpotomy. Placed temporary filling and recommended root canal ASAP.

    April '01
    Went in for root canal. Endodontist had horrible trouble getting at third root. Had to do apicoectomy, going in through my gum and removing the root. Had to have stitches in my gum. Horrible.

    May '01
    Went back to dentist to have crown placed over what is left of tooth. Dentist states the endodontist didn't leave enough tooth to rebuild or place cap around. Tooth will just have to be extracted.

    That's MY horror story for you all. It's pretty much ruined the last 6 mos. of my life!