The Inlaws are here... STRANGE story

  1. Well. My inlaws came in from Poland last night. Of course my husband scheduled their 1 month vacation to start on the ONE week I had to study my Kaplan online, but anyway. As soon as my sister in law arrived, she took over my 2 yr old and i haven't seen him since. For instance, it is now about 7:00 A.M. here and (as I was studying Kaplan in the Kitchen), I hear my son crying. Well I go up to my bedroom (our son usually sleeps with me) and there are my husband and sister in law (in her underwear BTW) comforting my son. He keeps on screaming mama and when I entered the room I just got this emphatic signal from her to leave the room "no worry lexi", and a hand wave to leave the room. Now I know it does sound like I'm venting... I have no desire to argue with this woman or force my way to my son... after all maybe she's just trying to make sure I get my studying in. I'm just going to bite the bullet for a month and let her take over (this isn't what's bugging me) but, isn't the whole underwear in the bed thing JUST A LITTLE ODD? Or am I being culturally insensitive?
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  3. by   nurseunderwater
    :sitting: here in my underwear.. :imbar

    take all the help you can get mama....good luck w/ cries...ttfn

  4. by   itsme
    I think I would be alittle concerned about the sis in law who is in her undies in MY bedroom. I would be telling her to get the he** out and put some clothes on!!
  5. by   Energizer Bunny
    Um...SIL in undies...NO WAY!!! First of all what is she doing wearing undies in front of your husband no matter who he is to her? Second, why would she wear just undies in someone else's house? Third, whatever you wear in front of your son is your business, but she doesn't need to go parading around with just undies. I'd be grateful for the help too, but she sounds a little off her rocker! I take it she has no children? I'm sure she's just enjoying borrowing yours, but the undies thing is a little off to me. Tell her to put some clothes on ..that that is not how you conduct yourselves in your house (unless it is how you do things there! LOL!!!)
  6. by   traumaRUs
    What were the undies? Nowadays, I see girls out in the mall in pj's! However, if what she had on was not what you consider correct or polite - I would mention it to her right away so that your month isn't ruined.
  7. by   SmilingBluEyes
    buy them some really nice robes as a "gift"????? I think they mean no harm here, tho.
  8. by   Mandarella
    hmm...I am thinking it's a cultural thing. I have a Polish aquantance (sp?) her family is straight from Poland but she was born here. my husband stopped over to see her husband briefly while I waited in the car...she was changing her daughters diaper but in the meantime she stood at the dorr and her daughter, bottomless, was bouncung around in front of the door. I was horrified. I kept thinking some whaco is going to see her get obsessed and kidnap her when they least expect it. My stomach turned. She didn't think twice about it.

    I'm sure the SIL means well but just explain that you are not comfortable with her being in her underwear around you children. I'm sure she doesn't even realize what she is doing is offensive.
  9. by   leslie :-D
    i was thinking too, it might be a cultural thing..ask dh if this is what polish people are accustomed to, then remind them they're in america.

    as for the baby crying, i agree intellectually about taking help when needed but me? i could not let my baby hairs stand up and i just need to hold own neurosis, i'm sure.
  10. by   smk1
    might be a cultural thing but i would nicely take her aside and request that she wear a robe when around your family as running around in unides is not the norm over here. You know the old saying when in rome.... I also might buy her a pretty robe as a gift and make sure she knows how much you appreciate her wanting to help out. Also why was your hubby staying in the room with SIL when she is only in her undies? I think a little talk might be in order there as well...
  11. by   bluesky
    Thanx for the great advice, all. The day after I called my mother under strict confidentiality (I even spoke in French to make sure the fam wouldn't understand) and wouldn't ya know she then calls the d/h on his cell within minutes ... :angryfire , , . Of course a hoopla of catastrophic proportions ensues with his sister tearfully stating that all she wanted to do was help while I studied. I just didn't have the heart to talk undies so I just thanked her and the incident has not recurred. I might just get her a robe as a joke, tho. What a great idea! Thanks again.
  12. by   Altra
    This is why my grandmother used to say, "Remember dearie, when you get married, you marry the whole *unprintable Slovak word* family!

  13. by   Energizer Bunny
    Quote from MLOS
    This is why my grandmother used to say, "Remember dearie, when you get married, you marry the whole *unprintable Slovak word* family!

    Man, I wish I would've remembered that at the last minute on MY wedding day!!!
  14. by   bluesky
    Quote from MLOS
    This is why my grandmother used to say, "Remember dearie, when you get married, you marry the whole *unprintable Slovak word* family!

    I should have suspected something was remiss when, before we married, my d/h suggested we spend *a couple of months* visiting his family in Poland. And wouldn't ya know we did it in the Winter (read colder than deep outer space on a good day).

    On the plus side, I kind of appreciate the commitment to family and minimal fakeness that appear to predominate in his culture.