The hidden danger of tanning beds

  1. Ok, so I think we all know of the obvious dangers of tanning beds. But there is one that I wanted to alert those to, that might go unnoticed by those less experienced tanners (like myself).

    I went to the tanning bed yesterday. I haven't tanned in several years, and I wanted a good tanning lotion. I asked the owner of the salon what she recommended. She got very excited and showed me this bottle of stuff and told me how much this other lady that works there loves it. And it was much cheaper than the other stuff too!

    I bought it, and went into the tanning room and slathered myself down quickly before I got into the tanning bed.

    Then I got my hair cut.

    Then I went to pay for my haircut and tanning lotion and the lady at the counter says "what's this? I didn't know we sold SUNLESS TANNING LOTION."

    Two hours later, I get home to shower and find myself with dark brown streaks all over my body!!! Between my fingers and toes, all down my legs, and my elbows look like I rolled them in the dirt! Ofcourse, if I had been using the stuff for the right reasons, I would have applied it evenly yada, yada. But I thought it was for the ******* tanning bed!

    Someone PLEASE tell me that this stuff wears off fast!
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  3. by   mastiff38
    Ummm, I hate to tell you this, but it will probably take a few days for it to wear off - sorry! That really bites!

    Another danger... my stepdaughter likes to go tanning once in awhile. She started getting red bumps on her skin in various places - arms, shoulders, a few on her legs. The doctor told her it was because the tanning beds hadn't been properly sanitized between each use, so whatever this was, it probably spread to everyone who used the bed until the next cleaning. Fortunately a little cream cleared it up in a few days, but it still kinda makes you go "yuck!"
  4. by   cindyln
    take a nice bath and loofa all over. that should help. I would ask that sales clerk how come she didn't tell you it was sunless lotion.
  5. by   ShandyLynnRN
    She felt really bad about it. She didn't realize it was sunless until after I had already used it.
  6. by   nursedawn67
    Oh man! I feel for ya! I hope it wears off soon for ya!
    OK, you need to go work up a good sweat. Pushes the lotion out from the inside.

    I used it once in the terrible August heat and sweat my azz off all day. At the end of the day when I took my shoes off I had marks from where that stuff had sweat itself out and practically slid down my legs. The farther down my leg, the tanner I got until where my shoe was, and then there was a stark white line. It had soaked into and stained my shoes.

    And I ALWAYS request the cleaner and an extra towel to clean the bed to my liking before I get into it. If they refuse, I won't tan there.

    How are your face and hands Shandy? That's all that really matters this time of year.
  8. by   colleen10
    That's a good idea Heather, never thought of that about it coming out through your skin.

    Best advice I can give is to take a bath/shower and make sure you exfoliate all over really well and especially on the areas where you have dark splotches and lines. Try to do this every time you take a shower to even it out.

    If you use the stuff again make sure you exfoliate really well before you use it. Exfoliating will get rid of dead skin that soak up more of the tanning solution leaving you with those blotches and uneven areas.

    Sorry this happened to you, I would be royaly Pizzed!!!!!
  9. by   rreed
    Sandy Lynn, I hope you didn't pay for the stuff after that.

    Where I have gone, they leave a bottle of spray and a roll of paper towels and you have to clean it yourself after your done, then they come and clean it again, so it is cleaned 2 times. Now, I wonder what is in the cleaning bottle because it has NO smell which makes me think it is plain water......hummm....

  10. by   Lausana
    Why in the world would the clerk try it push sunless tanner at a tanning bed? Honestly, I'd go somewhere different next time, sounds like incompetent people...hope they can tell the difference between disinfectant and water

    Loofah dahlin! :kiss
    Originally posted by Lausana
    Honestly, I'd go somewhere different next time, sounds like incompetent people...
    Very true. Those people whould know their sh*t.

    My MIL used to offer tanning as a service at her shop, so I know how it's SUPPOSED to be run. I can't tell you how many places I've left because they haven't offered me the list of medications that cause photosensitivity and asked if I take any of them. Scary stuff.
  12. by   NurseShell
    Oh Shandy!!! Sorry!! I tried that stuff once!! I was all streaky even though I followed the directions and tried to put it on "evenly"...I scrubbed at it for days before it looked "normal"... I really hope you got a refund on that stuff!!!
  13. by   rreed
    oh, where I go has a typed out list of medicaitons that your not supposed to take posted on the wall, it is a big list also. I was really suprised in the long list of medications.
  14. by   SmilingBluEyes
    eeeeeeeeeeeeeek shandy. I am so sorry. What a mess.