the gulf war two drinking game

  1. the gulf war two drinking game

    drink when:

    bush is called a crusader
    x2 if its by saddam
    saddam is called evil
    x2 if its by bush
    iraq troops surrender to the media
    x2 if to a unmanned vehicle or inanimate object
    iraq uses weapons it claims not to have
    the united states uses weapons it won't allow iraq to have
    a member of the media gets shot at
    a toast to the shooter if its ashleigh banfield(msnbc),geraldo riviera(fox) or arron brown(cnn)
    saddam uses a scud he doesnt have
    x2 if its towards Israel
    the united states terrorist threat level changes
    the united states government tries to link iraq to 9-11
    france goes pro US invasion
    germany takes the side of the united states in a global war
    Dominique de Villepin reminds you of that annoying rich kid in high school
    someone implies tony blair is bush's *****
    someone implies scott ritter is Saddam's *****
    anybody 'warns' anybody
    the word "escalation" is used
    iraq and the united states are shown seated next to each other in the united nations
    an American is shot down over iraq
    x2 if an iraqi makes in into an aircraft
    an American is shot,
    x2 if its by an enemy
    the media compares the war to blackhawk down
    x2 if its because a blackhawk really goes down
    a puppet government is installed in iraq
    x2 if its by the puppet government installed in the US
    saddam uses the word 'Zionist'
    x2 if its bin laden
    you change your opinion on the war
    the media shows iraqi children in a hospital because of international sanctions
    x2 if its because of american military action
    finish your drink if saddam actually put them there, but claimed it was the united states
    iraq promises full and complete cooporation with inspectors
    Iraqi civilians greet Americans with cheers
    x2 if its with bullets
    the saudis do something the united states accuses iraq of doing
    north korea does something the united states accused iraq of doing
    x2 if they don't get away with it
    al-jazeera is referred to as the "arab cnn"
    finish your drink if cnn is referred to as the "american al-jazeera"
    the conflict is compared to the vietnam war
    x2 if the word "quagmire" is used
    saddam goes missing
    finish your drink if he is confimed killed
    the pope is said to "pray for peace"
    bush mispronounces the word 'nuclear'
    finish your drink if its referring to a bomb that has gone off
    richard armitage's neck shows up
    if you can't find kuwait, bahrain, qatar, oman, or the united arab emirates on a map
    x2 if you even own a map of the region
    finish your drink if you can pronounce them all correctly
    any of the following commentators are on tv:
    x1 ken pollack, khidhir hamza, general wesley clark, col david hackworth, general bernard trainor, david kay, richard butler, thomas friedman, scott ritter, thomas andrews, anybody running for United States President
    x2 general norman schwarzkopf, general walt boomer, general buster glosson, brent scowcroft, james baker, richard perle, william kristol, james woolsey, henry kissinger
    x3 any former united states president
    an actor or actress expresses an opinion on the war
    x2 if this is the first time you've seen them in a year
    an american reminds the french of world war one and two
    x2 if a frenchman reminds the americans of the revolutionary war
    saddam torches the oil fields
    someone reports from "the arab street"
    colin powell looks exasperated sitting at the u.n. security council
    x2 if its because a country you didnt know exists is commenting on the war
    anyone in the bush administration says "make no mistake"
    the american military are told what to do by someone with no military experience
    x2 if they dodged the vietnam draft
    x3 if they dodged the vietnam draft, are an ex-governer of a southern us state, and ever held or holds the title of 'commander-in-chief'
    tariq azziz's glasses get larger
    somebody says saddam "tortures his own people"
    you momentarly confuse george roberston with shrek
    an arab country staging american troops speaks against the war
    an arrow anti-missle missle is fired
    x2 if it intercepts something
    tom ridge laughs while discussing potential terrorists attacks
    God picks a side
    finish your drink if its not yours
    somebody implies a blood for oil trade may be in progress
    x2 if that person owns a S.U.V.
    a protest sign attacks Bush directly
    x2 if it attacks saddam directly
    The united states bombs anything in iraq before the fighting 'offically' starts
    x2 if iraq tries the same thing
    Saddam is compared to Hitler
    x2 if bush is compared to Hitler
    someone compares the size of iraq to california or france
    The media refers to itself as 'embedded'
    someone says "shock and awe"
    The words "Weapon(s) of Mass Destruction" are used
    x2 if its shortned to "WMD"
    A US Official uses the word "liberate"
    Bush says "innocent civilians"
    Bush quotes scripture
    x2 saddam quotes the koran
    Somebody says "between Iraq and a hard place"
    A videophone craps out
    x2 the anchor apologizes for it
    Someone on TV says something contradictory to what is on their news ticker
    A news correspondent asks if they can still be heard
    x2 if they say "Can you hear me now?"
    x3 if it is followed by a verizon wireless comercial
    Any political or military leader refers to Australia
    Saddam shoots a gun into the air
    Saddam refers to George Bush as "little Bush" or "junior bush"
    you see soldiers in gas masks
    x2 if they were actually necessary
    an initial news report turns out to be false
    x2 if the anchor openly admits it
    this game is mentioned in the news
    x2 if the bush twins are playing it
    Bush directly addresses Iraqis
    x2 Saddam directly addresses Americans
    a saddam body double is seen
    someone refers to "coalition of the willing"
    x2 if is because a member is actually providing combat troops
    someone refers to 'Halliburton'
    cameras on the baghdad skyline focus on something that looks like an erect penis
    someone reminds us that osama bin laden is still alive
    x2 if he reminds us himself
    The media refuses to report something because of operational security
    x2 if its immediately followed by a commentator telling what will happen next
    the media reports that something "is not the start of the war"
    x2 if it involves any act of war
    the military learns of something for the first time from the media
    someone uses the term "cradle of civilization"
    ari fleischer lies
    x2 if it is directly to helen thomas
    anybody says something about exercising a right to protest
    x2 if its added that it what the troops are fighting for
    on the baghdad cam, a car runs a red light
    x2 if it stops
    x3 if its during a bombing
    any coalition representative mentions securing oil fields
    x if immediatly followed by "for the benefit of the iraqi people"
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