The Golden Globes: Let's Dish!

  1. Okay, who saw the Golden Globes last night? And who can tell me what the hell Lara Flynn Boyle was thinking when she picked this outfit? Don't stars pay stylists loads of money to avoid just such unfortunate occurrences?

    Hi, I'm Lara Flynn Boyle. When Uncle Jack said he didn't want to date me anymore, I got sad! And I made a frowny face, and I moped around my house, and I cwied and cwied, and then I was really bad and...ssh, don't tell Uncle Jack, but I ate an Oreo! I know! But then I found a way to make myself feel better! I made myself a pretty, pretty ballerina! Look how I twirl and twirl! Whee! I'm not an adult woman who has to be accountable for her actions or behave in a socially acceptable fashion! I'm a little girl! I haven't even been through puberty yet! See? No boobies! La la la, pretty ballerina."
    Lara? Honey? Maybe if you weren't so addled by chronic hypoglycemia, you might make better fashion choices. I'm just sayin.'

    And Sharon Stone gets this year's Julia Roberts It's All About Me Award. I guess that's the risk you run with an event hosting an open bar. From E!Online:
    Worst Supporting Antics: Sharon Stone, for being the hands-down (as well as hands up, hands over her head, hands flashing peace signs...) choice for most desperate in need of attention, medical or otherwise. Her shrieking, dancing and near highjacking of Richard Gere's acceptance speech was so sad it almost made us forget to make fun of the fact that she was dressed like a Gothic hooker.

    So, what'd y'all think?
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    I missed it.

    Shame too, I would have enjoyed seeing Sharon make an azz of herself.

  4. by   Stargazer
    I actually taped it while I watched other stuff, but I flipped over during commercials and managed to see the the beginning of Richard Gere's speech. She couldn't have been more hyper. Can't wait to watch the rest of the wacky hijinks myself. I also caught the beginning of Jack Nicholsen's speech when he stated he'd had a Valium.
  5. by   Mkue
    I caught some of the post award show on E! Robin Williams brought his 13 year-old dtr so she could get autographs.. he's so funny.. didn't see any other celebs interviewed. Interview with Martin Scorsasse (sp), he's a very small man.
  6. by   fab4fan
    Lara Flynn Boyle's outfit...didn't Bjork wear something like that to the Oscars a few years ago?

    I think Jack shared some Valium with Sharon Stoned. There's just no other explaination for that behavior.
  7. by   Lausana
    I didn't tune until about half way through so I missed some good stuff But I bet E news will be good tonight :chuckle I can't wait to see Joan's commentary on the fashions too...

    As for Laura, I think maybe it was public service announcement for food. Eat some...Now Calista Flockhart looked ok, like she might have filled out a little, it look muuuch better :hatparty:
  8. by   howie122832
    What was Lara FLynn BOyle thinking?!@?!?!?!? I don't think she was thinking at all... and she obviously had all of the mirrors in "their place" (Jack and her's) removed....

    Edited for spelling..............
  9. by   hoolahan
    OMG Susan....I had to recover from laughing at that pic of Laura Flynn Boyle. yes I watched it last night, and spent most of the time reading my book. I saw the outfit, but missed who it was, and thought...*****?!!!

    As for Sharon Stone...She cracked me up!! What a peice of work!! I figured she was high as a kite or drunk. Extreme euphoria. I vividly remember thinking, I want some of what she's taking!!!

    How about Renee Zelweiger fawning all over Richard Gere (acceptance speech waaaaaaay tooooooo loooong zzzzzzz)?? If I were his wife, I'd be peeved!!!

    Nicloe Kidman in weird dress, as usualu, but less weird than usual, if that makes any sense. I was glad she won.

    Didn't Brad Pit look HOT!! SSSsssssss!!! Man I was drooling!! He looks ten years younger, probably botox, but man, he looked ghood enough to eat...YUM!!!
  10. by   Nurse Ratched
    OK - why did Jennifer Aniston's eye makeup look like she'd been on a three day bender - and that pony tail - she's got all that gorgeous hair and she wears it like that?

    And why was Sarah Jessica Parker's chest being vomited out of the top of her dress?

  11. by   hoolahan
    NO meow, you are dead-on sister!!!

    I thought jennifer anniston looked like crap, and Sarah Jessica Parker...well, let's just not repeat to my hubby what I said about her.
    <stomps her feet that she missed it>

    Maybe Stargazer will mail me her tape when she's done with it????
  13. by   Lausana
    Joan's E special's on in few minutes, for me here anyway, that will have all the goods...and hideous mistakes to catch up on:chuckle

    There were a lot of dresses vomiting cleavage, guess the trend has moved away from showing butt crack to boobs again :chuckle
    OH! OH! 10pm eastern?

    Gotta go.......