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  1. Ok... this is for anyone who's got 10 minutes to read my funky stuff... Just, can I get some feedback? I wanna know what people thing... please?
    And, again, as this is my original work, if you want to use it in any way shape or form, ask first, and If I find it roaming the web, I'll freak out.. totally!

    Fortunado's Story.
    A short story by Barbara, LPN

    I was driving along the other night, just cruising around in my car. It was such a horrible night, well, in comparison to many I've had, it wasn't really that bad at that point. Just peachy keen at that point, really. Back to the story. See, me and my girl had a bit of a fight and I left, announced that I'd never be back, slammed the door, and went to the bar.
    Ok. At this point, at the bar, I was getting slammed. Slammed as to not remember the rest of the night, the week, well, hell, the rest of this relationship. As I was on my fourth Long Island Iced tea, and beginning to feel pretty good, it struck me-- that drink was her favorite. Slamming down the rest of the glass on the immaculately lacquered countertop, it shattered into a million little sparkling fragments of light, the glow from the badly cut Jagermeister sign illuminating each fragment as if it was stardust.
    My hand ached as the blood flowed from my slashed fingers, but I didn't care. I threw a couple of bills at the bartender, and fled the bar. I ran from the bar and drunkenly stumbled into my car. Climbing up into a minivan isn't the easiest thing to do when you're drunk and pissed. I got behind the wheel and fired her up.
    Throwing the car into reverse, I fled onto the highway. Swerving around, I missed the little hand painted sign on the side of the road-- it read 'danger, curves ahead, big cliff'. Boy did I miss alot.
    Zooming around at about 70 miles an hour, I did the first curve ok... a little skidding, but what did I care? Curve number two came about a lot faster than I thought it would. I missed the turn. I mean it was dark, and what do you expect? Perfection? I hit the side rail, and the car just stopped. Slam. The car was stopped, but I kept going. I flew through the windshield head first, and just kept on going. At least for a little bit. I closed my eyes. It went dark.
    I opened my eyes and found myself just lying on the hood of the car. My foot was hooked on the steering wheel. Looking up, I saw the sky. Nice, clear blue. It was lovely. Looking down I saw the ground--about 300 feet below me.
    All of a sudden, the car began to lurch. I could see the ground below sway in the breeze as the car fell the rest of the way down the cliff. I closed my eyes again, and began to pray.


    I felt myself lying on the ground. Surprisingly, I felt pretty good-- I mean, not hung over. As I opened my eyes, I found myself lying in a small patch of grass. Now, I see it was kind of odd, as the rest of the area was forest--all dark, and rocky. Not a single blade of grass, or green leaf moved. But, I stood up, and looked around. It was dark and so eerily quiet and so still. Looking around, I figured that I might as well go ahead and find the car. I thought my cell phone might have been in there, so, it was worth the effort. Well-- to get home, it was well worth it.
    I turned around to get a good look at the cliff that I fell off of, but it was just the oddest thing- it just wasn't there. OK, I thought to myself, maybe I just fell pretty far, caught by the wind or something. Or that the car was stolen or something. So, what did I decide to do? I started to walk.
    I must have walked for what felt like an hour or so, but the scenery did not change. It was like walking through a blue screen on a conveyor kinda like in those cheesy movies, but I kept on going.
    Suddenly, the scenery just changed. I was just walking in the forest, it was dark and dingy, and dank, and utterly silent, and it changed. The ground became soft with grass, the sky blue, and all but one tree that was on the far end of the field vanished. A slight springtime breeze blew through the grass, and the leaves on that one tree rustled as a small sparrow sang its song. Damn, it was nice. Kind of like Eden or something like that.
    I figured walking towards the tree couldn't hurt too much, so I set off in that direction. As I got closer, I heard the voice of a child, playing in what seemed to be a tree house somewhere up in the branches. Even closer still, I could hear that he was singing. I finally walked up to that tree, and the singing suddenly stopped. I heard a thud in the grass behind me, and spun wildly to see what on earth it was.
    A boy, no older than eight or nine was just standing there, a quizzical look on his face, just staring at me. I took a step towards him, to say hello, he just stayed still. As soon as I went to touch him, an overwhelming wave of dizziness hit me like a sack of bricks. I closed my eyes, and hit the floor. Hard.


    I opened my eyes, and saw myself sitting in a chair, just staring at a blank wall. Kinda like in the movies or something like that. It was just too empty, too quiet, too still for it to be real, but there i was. A light flickered in front of me. I just stared into the light. It was just like a movie. A movie of the past while was playing, but it stopped right at about the point where the glass broke. The fight with Julie, the trip to the bar and the glass, just twinkling, just frozen in time.
    I turned my head to the side, and saw the little boy from the tree just standing there, but, this time, he smiled and took my hand. I stood up, and he led me to another room. An older woman was standing there, her face still beautiful with her gray hair sweeping her shoulders like a silver shower.
    She motioned for me to stand beside her, the child between us. The boy took my hand in his, and pointed towards the far wall.
    "Look," he uttered as he pointed towards a scene being played out in front of us.
    My girlfriend was lying in my bed, well, at least it looked like my bed, and there was this person next to her. All of a sudden, she was on top of him, riding him like she hadn't a care in the world. Well, if not a care, but more like, not a boyfriend. The wall clock behind them read ten o'clock.
    The scene switched as my fury rose. It was me at work, drafting some documents. I could see my signature scrawled evenly on the pages-- Daniel Fortunado. Yes sir ree bob, it was me all right. The clock behind me read ten o'clock. Oh my god, I realized, this was the same time. Shoot-- I knew she was doing something behind my back. What a ****, I thought.
    I blinked, and the scene changed. It was me, lying in a ICU bed. A ventilator was hooked up to me. A card at the bottom of the bed read 'Doe, John'. I tried to scream at the picture, but no voice would come. I just sat on the floor, and watched the cardiac monitor trace out my heart beat.
    All of a sudden, the tracings changed. I felt dizzy and tired. They were all bouncy looking and erratic. A pretty woman wheeled a red cart by my bed. It looked like a toolchest on steroids. They stuck things on my chest, pumped chemicals into my veins. They grabbed some paddles and stuck them on my chest in the image. SLAM. I flew back into the little boy and the woman. I stood up, then hit the floor. The waves of dizziness were so strong, I just cowered on the floor, and watched the scene play out. They shocked me again and again as I begged for it all to stop. I prayed, I cried, I hoped, I dreamed.
    And then, they stopped. I felt strong again. The little boy took my hand and i stood up. We walked to the majestically beautiful woman.
    She said, "Welcome home"
    And I knew, it would all be alright.
    And, It was.
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  3. by   jamistlc
    Greetings Yeti1313,

    My first thought what drugs are you on and then as I finished the story, FUNKY!

    It is kind of bizzar like ICP bizZZZZzar! Then as I have read the whole story how enlightened! See I told ya you are multied talented!

    Have a Blessed Day,