The Dr. Phil diet

  1. Hi everyone,
    Is anyone on the Dr. Phil diet? If so, how is it? I bought the book, and it sounds like a pretty easy diet. I was on the Atkin's diet, and lost 21 lbs, but I just couldn't tolerate it anymore. Dr. Phil's allows for more fruits and veggies and a little more carbs. So, I just want to know the good and bad experiences that anyone has had.
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  3. by   sbic56
    Phil's plan is more a lifestyle than a diet, as it should be if you really want to lose weight and keep it off. It's definitely one of the better weight loss books I've read.
  4. by   nurseunderwater
    no offense.....please.....imho - the guy is scary
  5. by   sbic56
    Quote from nurseunderwater
    no offense.....please.....imho - the guy is scary
    Hehe...Never said he twernt a bit twacked...still has a good diet lifestyle plan. The wife is the one that give me the heebies...Actually, I used to really like him, but I'm rethinking alot of my previous opinion about him...except the diet thing, that is.
  6. by   Shotzie
    OH NO!
    I love him. I wish more people would teach the mantra of strong families, "quit feeling sorry for yourself and work toward what you want", "stop looking to be a victim and stop feeling sorry for yourself"and "if you're acting out and it only gets you negative reactions you should try something different".
    I especially love to hear him ask some bozo who has been wreaking havoc upon their family and friends "how's that working out for you?"
    I like the fact that he uncovers problems and then helps find counselors and therapists to deal with the problem instead of creating a show and then dropping the poor soul.
    I know he is not for everyone but he just strikes a chord with me...and that probably says something horrible about me!!!

    ...just wish I could stick to the weightloss program!!!...(sigh!)
  7. by   Spidey's mom
    The Atkins Diet really worked for me but it is too hard to live the rest of my life with.

    I need a way to eat that I can live with and haven't found it yet. The problem is the food tastes too darn good.

    I haven't read Dr. Phil's diet.

  8. by   Energizer Bunny
    I started to read Dr. Phil but just don't seem to be able to "get into" it. I will once I finish another book I am working on. I tend to just go toward healthy eating and exercise and don't like to do a "plan" (I am interested to read what he has to say, though, as I am with many things).
  9. by   camay1221_RN
    I read the book once and during the time I was reading it, I did very well. But, as soon as I was done, I went back to my old ways. As I read it the first time, I would make marks in the book of things that would inspire me. So, what I have now done, is gone back through the book again, and pulled all of those things together so I don't have to worry about finding my marking in the book, and put them in a three ring folder. That way I have it with me whenever and where ever I am. Now, I just need to start using it!!! Hey, one thing at a time!!