1. I had to see the dentist today. I admit it, first time in over ten years. Why? Bad experience, and I do not trust easily.

    Found this dentist thru a friend, she is FABULOUS!! So was her assistant, but, it is still NOT fun!!

    Who hates it when the hygenist starts picking and scraping your teeth with that nasty pointy little instrument?? Anyone tempted to take it out of their hand and place it firmly where the sun don't shine?? She only got me once or twice, but yoweeee, it hurt!

    So, tell the truth, when was your last check up? Denatla horro stories??
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    I hate the dentist. I'd rather get a Pap thean go to the dentist. I only go when the visit is more likely to decrease the current pain. I'm terrible, I know it.

    The last toothache I had, I went and had it taken care of, but they MADE me make an appointment for a cleaning. I said "OH SUUUURE. I'll make an appointment" And never went.

    Kitties and dentists. Ugh.

  4. by   Gator,SN
    The word DENTIST strikes fear in my heart! I had braces for 2 years and I hate the dentist!!
    Fear, pain, crying....these are the words that I associate with this evil man.
    I do actually go once a year and I have my whole mouth numbed for the cleanings. It is not so much for me, but for him because if its not numb it can take hours and a box of tissue for me to get through it all. The hygenist HATES me and she makes sure I am always the last appointment of the day. She told me last time that my kids act better than me........(like I care!)

    FORGET filling any cavities....I get knocked out for that. I am the biggest baby and I start to panic in the waiting room.

  5. by   cactus wren
    Ive got my own teeth,I have the recipt, and my name engraved inside them....
    Seriously always hated( major trauma as 8 year old...accompanied my beloved grandmother to dentist...she had Ami in chair, and died) Now the adult in me KNOWS, not dentist fault...the kid in me...gets paniced by the word...Used to take valium, before taking my kids to dentist( no<I didn`t drive them, had a friend drive me)

    Always had horrid teeth, had upper dentures in my 20`s..And it has to be hereidty...3 of my 5 kids needed dentures in their 20`s....After years and many dollars trying to save teeth...One year put over 7,000 in youngest`s mouth....and she just had all her teeth pulled...the dentist did his best,but no saving them...she had put even more in last few years...
    SO...if you have good teeth....take care of them !!!

    getting off soapbox, and bowing....
  6. by   hapeewendy
    well I used to be REALLY bad , had a bad experience when I was little, picture this , lil scrawny teeny 4 year old wendy in the big old scary dentist chair, nervous , scared etc, had to pee so I told him that I needed to pee,and I remember this quite clearly eventhough it was ages ago, he wasnt doing anything invasive at the time, I think I just annoyed him, yeah great plan there buddo go into dentistry for kids and hate children woot! anyhow ,he wouldnt let me get off the chair! I was crying, he like physically kept me in the damn dentist chair, so anyway, I didnt pee in the chair (though I almost wished I would have!) and when I got out I was all distraught and the dentist told my mother that I was "acting up"
    I didnt wanna get in trouble so I never told her the truth etc, but it took me a good mmmmm 10 years to get over that so I wasnt shaking when I went to the dentist, then I got braces, had a fantastic orthodontist, but god did it HURT when they tightened those puppies , you feel like your head is gonna fall off from the pain... anyway braces came off, life is good, ppl think that I never had braces at all, cept i never wore the retainers so I still dont have perfect teeth, but they are purty nice (thanks mom and dad , for the braces, not the crooked teeth gene!) jump to a few years ago , needed to get my wisdom teeth out at the hospital cuz they were so impacted and I have asthma so the oral surgeon felt it better to do it in the hospital, anyway, he was so attractive and funny it was my pleasure for him to yank out those teeth
    hurt for 2 weeks after, bruised and lookin like a chipmunk for my follow up appointment and he was so gracious "you look fantastic, do you need more tylenol 3's? any questions/problems give my office a call" fantastic hahaha yeah right , but there you have it ,my dental experiences have gone from horribleterriblenogoodverybad to hubboy
  7. by   JonRN
    I went to the Dental School last year (cause it's cheaper), a cavity in one of my wisdom teeth. The student wanted to fill it, and I said no way, it is a wisdom tooth, I don't need it so I want it yanked. He made me an appt. with oral surgery. The student there thought she had it good and numb. This old instructor (about 90) comes in and starts to demonstrate to her how to yank it. He says first we have to elevate it, and puts this mini crowbar under it and starts prying away. It HURT so bad I thought I was gonna pee in his chair!!!!! They imediately stopped, and evidently I wasn't looking too good so they went in search of some O2 to give me (of course they never found any, it was just oral surgery). By then I had gotten everything unhooked, my little bib and all, and told them to leave me the he!! alone!!! The cavity is still there, and my hatred of tooth fairies has at least doubled.
  8. by   ShandyLynnRN
    my dentist as a child was great! I have no prob with them... even had all 4 of my wisdom teeth pulled under a local... what a trip! Except that they forgot to tell me that the local ALSO had epi in it (to decrease bleeding, they said) and I thought I was having a panic attack in the chair!! I had to do the lamaze breathing stuff!! It was way weird, but didn't last too long...I just don't go very often because you meet so many who want to do unnecessary stuff, and charge you out the wazoo for it! Last year I went to a dentist who told me I had 4 cavities... I have never had a cavity in my life except for the tooth that I damaged as a child. So I didn't go back, and later went to another dentist who said that although I needed to start flossing, my teeth are in great shape, and I had NO cavities!!!
  9. by   deespoohbear
    I must be the strange one. I don't mind going to the dentist. Not my favorite thing to do, but I don't freak out or anything like that. I probably have an advantage over most, my dentist is also my husband's best friend and the dentist's wife is one of my closest friends. We attend the same church and go out to eat almost every Sunday....I never had a big fear of the dentist when I was little either though. Didn't have my first cavity until I was 18 or 19 years old. Did go through orthodontics though....
  10. by   Heather333
    Originally posted by OBNURSEHEATHER
    I hate the dentist. I'd rather get a Pap thean go to the dentist.

    Same here. Hate the dentist. I had really bad tooth-pulling experience when I was 7. He didn't numb me enough and started pulling. I bit down on his hand and wouldn't let go.
    I've never had any cavities so I don't see any reason to go.

  11. by   Tookie
    Dont want to talk about the dentist - cause l really should go - too many holes are happening at the moment - Well I am too busy at work - actually seem to be too usy for the mammogram too (And its free) Thats the other problem with the dentist it costs an absolute fortune
  12. by   adrienurse
    The thought of dentist conjures anxiety. Owwww! Hate it when the hygienist makes your gums bleed.
  13. by   Rustyhammer
    It's been 3 or 4 years for me.
    I had a root canal horror story.
    Russell - do you mean the first part of the horroe story where something terrible happened, or the second part of the horror story where you got the bill?