The Countdown Is On!!!!

  1. Guess what?!?

    Only 10 more days until my last day of school!!


    Only 23 days til GRADUATION!!!!


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  3. by   FYG03
    congrats!! What kind of program are you graduating from??? Good luck after school!
  4. by   jnette
    Exciting, eh? I remember !

    Good for you !!!

    So then it will simply be RNPookie?
  5. by   Flynurse
    Go shorty! Its your Birfday! We gonn party! Like its your Birfday! We gonn drink Bicardi! Like its your Birfday! And we don't give a flock! Cause its your Birfday!

    Where's Kacy??? There she is! Passed out behind the couch!
    Hehehehe! J/K! Congrats girl!
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  6. by   FutureRN~Pookie
    LMAO!!! YOU GUYS!!!

    Apparently, I haven't told everyone this...i will be graduating from high school!!