The Autumn Heart....

  1. This morning on television, I saw the best film in all times called "The Autumn Heart" with Tyne Daly as the lead actress. Where has that film been all this time! It was without a shadow of a doubt thee most terrific film/movie that I've seen in a very long time! I can't wait to find a copy of it to buy so I can watch it again and again and again......... It was THAT good!

    The movie was about a family finding one another through trials and tribulations after a divorce twenty years before. The father left with a small son in tote.....the mother kept all three girls and raised them. They had not seen each other in twenty years. The mother took ill, and begged her daughters to go find their brother.....and that's when they rediscovered the family they missed out on all those years apart. The girls (having been raised by their mother) thought the divorce was all their father's fault, and the boy (having been raised by his father) thought the divorce was all his mother's fault.

    In the end, the mother died, and that's when the girls learned the truth about things......the mother didn't want the husband to remain married to her, and she apparently didn't want to raise the boy without a father, so she let her husband take their son with him to be raised apart from their girls.

    The message that stood out loud and clear in this movie was what the middle child said to the rest of them:

    "Divorce happened for reasons that had nothing to do with the children."

    But, so many children do believe their parents divorce is their fault somehow. They grow up feeling guilty for the absent parent not being in their life. They act out with anger, with rebellion, with withdrawal......detach themselves from life......OR...they become the clown of all times trying to hide their true pain.

    If you are the product of a divorced family, how did your parents divorce affect you?

    If you have been through....or are currently going through.......a has (or is) your divorce affecting your children?

    Does divorce have to hurt? Can't the memory of what you once shared with you partner be enough for you to accept the fact that people do evolve....change overtime......and some just need to move on? Or, do you somehow want them to pay for hurting you.....leaving you.....tearing apart your family?

    Let's talk about families and the effects of divorce on families here! I know there are plenty of us who have lived this drama be bold enough to share with us, okay. You never know whose life you might change by sharing your own personal story here. Thanks! :kiss
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