The Apprentice

  1. ok i normally do not get mad about TV shows, but i am mad. ok if you saw the apprentice finale tonight then you saw that when trump hired randal after everyone cheered he had randal sit back down...then he asked randal if he should also hire rebecca. you could tell trump wanted to hire her too and that the question was more for show. then randal responds with well this is the apprentice as in there is one and so on and kinda made it seem as if trump would be an idiot for hiring her too. so then trump says oh well ya know i would have hired her, but nevermind. ok is it just me or is that extremely selfish and greedy? :angryfire :angryfire :angryfire what a horrible person. if i won something and they said hey this other deserving person will win too if it's cool with you i'd say heck yeah. i am not a reality tv junkie and please don't flame me b/c this is the first and last time i'll vent on a tv show...but it just makes me mad to see people be so selfish, greedy and mean to each other. ps that rebecca girl does alot of work for charity and even raised 750,000 for charity while in high school. she doesn't deserve such rudeness. ok i'm done. ANYONE ELSE SEE THE SHOW???? ANYONE ANNOYED???
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  3. by   SharonH, RN
    Maybe he was just caught off guard by such a dumb question? But don't worry, I have a feeling that Rebecca will be alright.
  4. by   L&Dwant2b
    I'm sure Rebecca will be OK. But I know when I win something I like to be #1. So I really don't think it was selfish. If he would have hired her it would have went against the shows objective. When you go to a real interview you're applying for one person one job. Sometimes a person can be equally as great but at the time it's only one position.
  5. by   YoungWiseWoman
    I too saw the show as was angered, but for a different reason. I felt that Truimph was wrong for asking Randal that question. He put him in an awkward position. He WON the show!!! It was Randal's moment! He should not asked him to do that! He has never done that before and I felt that he was trying to take something away from Randal! If he wants to hire the other girl, he can hire her after the show, but as Randal said it's "The Apprentice." He was not being mean, selfish, or greedy. He was the winner, plain and simple. And I'm sure tomorrow the media is going to have a field day saying he was being selfish. It's not his job to hire, it's Truimph's!!!

    PS Let the brother have his moment!!
  6. by   MagicalThinking
    true. i guess it's just my personal spiritual beliefs that make me disagree...i gotta keep in mind everyone's different and what's wrong for one may not be wrong for another, but i still would have helped her
    PS i don't mean that in a "my beliefs are better than yours way" more in a whatever floats your boat way :chuckle
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  7. by   ?burntout
    I saw it too and I wasn't happy Donald Trump put him in that position, but I do think Rebecca will be alright: she may get a million job offers after this, who knows.
  8. by   nurse4theplanet
    I don't like the Apprentice. Just another way for 'the Donald' to put his face out there and feed his obvious overgrown ego.
  9. by   Soleilpie
    I too was disappointed with Randal tonight. I mean he told Rebecca that he wouldn't have had it any other way as far as them being the last two standing. So, obviously he knows the potential that Rebecca has. Also, Trump did say that it wasn't about entertainment but about hiring someone to fill a position. Well, in that case, what's wrong with filling two positions at once? I think Randal's ego got the best of him tonight. Too bad, because I really thought better of him.
  10. by   nurse4theplanet
    the 'losers' are probably more likely the real winners because they don't have to work for Trump. Actually, in reality once you are associated with the Apprentice, you certainly get bombarded with supporting not only the show, but various other endeavors. And some are abusing their 15 min of fame. Omorosa......?
  11. by   missunnybrook
    Trump should have hired Rebecca as well. They are both exceptional candidates. Rendall reallllly disappointed me with his answer about not hiring Rebecca. He would not be on the same project with her so what difference would it make to him? Does he think he's the only fish in the pond?
  12. by   Tweety
    It might have been a trick question. If you think you are the best, have the confidence to be the best and there can only be one winner, why is it selfish to say that.

    Perhaps if he said "yes, you should hire her" the Donald would have said "o.k. you're fired because in this show there's only one Apprentice, and since you think your not good enough, I'll hire her."

    Nothing selfish with a healthy does of self-confidence in a dog eat dog world.

    But I agree with soldier's wife, the winner is the one who doesn't have to be stuck with the Donald. LOL
  13. by   rn in 3 years
    He will get a lot of flack for what he did in the media. He would have been better off if had told Trump to hire her because now he is gong to get so much bad press. I just don't understand why someone would do that but like someon else said "whatever floats your boat". Oh well, at least he has a job
  14. by   Dayray
    Ever read one of Donald's books? He is ruthless, callous and egotistical. He doesn't care about anyone but himself and would squash babies if he thought they would poop out $$.

    If you really like this other girl, then be glad that she won't be corrupted by this man. If she was that good she will "make it" on her own and hopefully retain the compassion that drove her to raise money for charity.