the abf [acute brain phart thread]

  1. i excitedly opened it up and it's about adenocard and mg levels

    can we talk about bf ?

    i am in my early forties and suffer these more and more every day

    40's, ... the new 80's !!!!!!!!!

    -i will go to make a cup of tea for a pt and the kettle boils dry
    -offer postop analgesic and deliver it 4 hours later
    -go into the clean utility room and do a 360 and wonder what in the cheezanrice am i in here for ?????

    i will soon need to be admitted to a locked down dementia unit


    anyone else out there suffer from acute brain pharts ?
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  3. by   Grace Oz
    ALL the time!
    It's called MENOPAUSE! lol
    Or, in your case, given your age, peri-menopausal! lol
    At least you KNOW you're forgetting, so it's not dementia! lol
    I carry a cassette recorder with me everywhere thesedays! AND am constantly writing myself notes and stick them up everywhere. lol
    Ah, the joys of mid-life!
  4. by   UM Review RN
    Yes. I can sorta cope as long as I write everything down, and I do mean everything. It does drive me nuts when I start to write and someone will tell me I don't need to write it down.

    Little do they know....


    I tend to forget "extra" things, too.

    But I think it's a wonder we remember anything at all when it gets busy and complete chaos is going on, and two docs on the line, and somehow the "get a pillow for 4B" or "ice water for 5A" falls out the side of the memory.
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  5. by   TazziRN
    I took a 6-month leave once and when I went back to work I had a pt with a full Foley bag that needed emptying. I ran around like crazy trying to find just a replacement bag. Someone asked me what I was looking for and just stared at me in shock.......that's when I realized what I had said..........
  6. by   walkingrock
    yes, have it all the time! seems all my 40-60 something yr old co-workers do too, been dealing with it myself for years, and i'm're in great company!!!
  7. by   MLF
    Stress will definitely do that to one. It sometimes scares me when I start forgetting but there are so many causes-lack of exercise; poor diet; stress; having a number of people surrounding you who want this, that or the other. Migraines don't help!! We ALL need to slow down a bit and learn to prioritize. Donna
  8. by   compassion1
    I know I wanted to say something...but I forgot what it was. What thread is this anyhow? Do I know you? Must not of been important, I guess. See you later, if I remember to come back.
  9. by   clemmm78
    try explaining this to a patient. Just about every pt I've had has been subjected to the same routine.

    I'm doing first rounds at midnight, I need to check the level of the syringe driver (pump). I grope around the bed for it because I'm trying not to wake the patient. Unfortunately, the patient often has the tubing tucked under the pillow and I need to reach under the pillow to get the syringe. Patient wakes. I reassure, telling what I'm doing. I make mental note of the number of ccs left in the syringe.
    I resettle pt if needed. Walk to the door. Go to write down the number of ccs left. Oops. Can't. I forgot already.