That's IT you guys!! I FINISHED!!!!

  1. Today was my last day of my preceptorship!! Now on to the boards!!! Oh yeah, and I got offered and took a job, too!! WOOOOHOOOO
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  3. by   Tookie

    Look out world here she comes

    its is a special day

    well done Tookie
  4. by   nursedawn67
    Congrats and good luck!!
  5. by   LasVegasRN
    Uh oh! WATCH out, now!! Here she comes!!

    Congrats, girl!! :hatparty: :hatparty:
  6. by   Lausana
    Congrats! Better start practicing writing your new initals on your signature
  7. by   kelligrl
    Thanks you guys!! Gonna be woking on a cardiac/pulmonary floor. The people that work there are great, totally supportive. I'm so excited!! (I know, I know, it'll wear off, but you gotta enjoy the moment, right?!?!) You know, I shoulda gone out and celebrated...
  8. by   Heather333
    Congrats Kelligrl!

    From someone who has recently been in your shoes. Study hard but remember to relax and have fun. Enjoy the new job!

  9. by   finallyRN
    :hatparty: Congratulations Kelligrl. Good luck on the boards. Let us know how you do!!!!

  11. by   nursegoodguy
    You are doing GREAT!
  12. by   warrior woman
    ALL RIGHT!!!! OUTASIGHT!!! Guess what? I just got a job too!!! It pays great, the facility is beautiful, and my boss is totally supportive and cool. SHE GETS IT. Know what I mean? I take my boards next Tues. morning at 9:00 AM. Congats baby, and live it up after you pass your boards!!! Just make sure to let us in on the fun!!! Love ya, kiddo. :hatparty: Warrior Woman.
  13. by   Tweety
    Woo Hoo!!!!!
  14. by   Mkue
    Congrats Kellie !!! :hatparty:

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