Thanks Brian!

  1. Just wanted to say Happy New Years to all of you!
    I have only been a "member" since May, but it feels like I know you all so well. Thanks for letting me be a part of your 'family'!

    Brian, you're the best! Thanks

    Love Shygirl
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  3. by   canoehead
    Happy New Year to All!

    May we all be able to keep at least one resolution successfully, and forgive ourselves when we falter.

  4. by   hapeewendy
    thank you brian for creating something that defies definition, its not just some place on the internet where nurses talk shop , sure sometimes we might , but its more of a home away from home where we can talk about things that bother us about this stressful career, vent about someone who is annoying us in our personal lives, or share funny jokes and stories
    so thank you for what you have done..
    you have brought some pretty fantastic people together here!
    cheers everyone, thank you all for being here!
  5. by   renerian
    Happy New Year to everyone and be be safe and drive responsibly.

    We want you all to be around for 2003!

    renerian :hatparty:
  6. by   JonRN
    Happy and Prosperous 2003 to all my allnurse friends.

  7. by   baseline
    I never would have believed I could become so attached to a computer BB.

    But I certainly have!! So many new acquaintances!

    Happy New Year to all ! :hatparty: :chuckle
  8. by   cactus wren
    Thanks Brian.....

    To all my online friends.........

    Happy New year !!!!! :angel2:
  9. by   shygirl
    Well said Wendy!
  10. by   cindyln
    Happy New Year and thanks Brian!!! :hatparty:

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