Thank you President Bush

  1. I am glad the President is attempting to make peace between the Israelis and the Palestinians.
    It is risky, but to accept there can be no peace is not OK with me.
    There will be bumps in the road of his roadmap. A detour may be needed.
    I pray peace will result.

    AQABA, Jordan, June 4- At a landmark summit capping a two-day visit to the region by President Bush, the Israeli and Palestinian prime ministers pledged Wednesday to follow a U.S.-backed "road map" to peace. Bush promised to make the plan a "matter of the highest priority" and got some promises in return. They included an Israeli pledge to uproot unauthorized settlements in the West Bank, and a Palestinian vow to end the armed struggle for a state.
    EMERGING FROM three-way talks against a backdrop of the Gulf of Aqaba, Bush, Israeli Prime Minister Ariel Sharon and Palestinian Prime Minister Mahmoud Abbas offered a measured, and at times upbeat, assessment of their talks.
    Sharon, long reluctant to enter into peace talks with the Palestinians, called the summit a "new opportunity of hope between Israelis and Palestinians," pledging to remove unauthorized Jewish settlements in the West Bank.
    Abbas, meanwhile, said the Palestinian leadership renounced violence of any kind against Israelis.
    Calling such violence inconsistent with Palestinians' Islamic faith and the establishment of an independent state they have long sought, Abbas also pledged to end "the militarization of the intifada."
    "The armed intifada must end and we must use and resort to peaceful means in our quest to end the occupation and suffering of Palestinians and Israelis," he said.
    But key questions remained over whether Abbas would be able to make good on his vows to persuade militants to stop attacking Israelis in a 32-month-old Palestinian uprising for statehood.
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  3. by   Mkue

    It's worth a try.. "wisdom beings in wonder"- Socrates.

    Amen for Peace