Thank You

  1. I believe debate is good thing because it helps to put out each individuals opinions and may possibly give insight to each ones views. However, I know that I have been quite critical of the opposite side and have found that I have somewhat been hypocritical to my stance. I am a Christian and therefore I am conservative, and I do believe in the morals that are more or less conservative. With that said, I believe being a Christian is being "Christ like" and therefore should be accepting (not necessarily approve) of others views. I, of course, dont have the last say, that is left up to the Almighty. I think it all teaches us something about each other and this great divide that our nation and world has become. Each one of you have had great points and I think that we can all teach each other something with each opinion. Therefore, I will try my hardest to understand each and every one of you to see where your views lye and hopefully I can present my views in a less judgemental way.

    With that, I just wanted to take the time to thank you all for these great open debates. I know that I have learned a little bit from all sides, which can help me to be a better person.