Thai fruit vendor

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  2. One of my favorite places to get fruit.......each item is 10 baht, which translates to about $0.25. They slice it for you and have different dips that you can get. Imagine 1/2 of freshly picked pineapple picked only the day before, waterlmelon, rose apples already sliced, etc.

    Tweety, Do you remember these carts?
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  4. by   dianah
    I LOVE fresh pineapple and papaya (with lime squeezed on the papaya)! We traveled to Jamaica years ago, and the bananas there were SO different, with a wonderful flavor!! I believe we tried local fruits "sweetsop" and "soursop," too.
    The vendor reminds me of the little specialty shops in Paris: the cheese shop, the vegetable and fruit shop, the bread shop, the butcher, the candy shop, the wine shop, -- you get the idea! Somewhat like Thailand, and other countries as well, no doubt. I love these glimpses into your way of life, Suzanne, keep 'em coming!!
  5. by   jayna
    *sigh* We have similar fruits from the asians esp in Nam and Manilla when I was there, tried them but I will say our fruit back home (my island) is much sweeter than theirs :uhoh21:
    :wink2: :wink2: am not kidding. Oh and ours is always organic, naturally grown :spin: hehehehhehehehe.
  6. by   Havin' A Party!
    Wow! A quarter for half a pineapple!

    I'd be at that guy's stand daily.
  7. by   nurseshanti
    My goodness Suzanne! My biggest dream since I was little was to work and live in that part of the world (SE Asia) and, although I've visited on several occasions, it's going to be years before I'm able to move there full time. All your stories and photos are just making me crave it even more! You're making my severe case of the travel bug flare up even more!

    Seriously though, I love hearing your stories and looking at the photos. Keep 'em coming!
  8. by   suzanne4
    I promise more will be coming in the next few days......
  9. by   nurseygrrl
    YUMMY!! I paid almost 6 dollars the other day at Waldbaums for a pound of sliced strawberries, mango, kiwi and blueberries because I *had* to have it! I love fresh fruit.

    suzanne~ It's so nice of you to share all of your photos with us. I think I speak for everyone when I say it is so interesting. I always look forward to your pictures.