TGIF January 24, 2014

  1. Good Morning to you all this day,

    Oh my goodness how nice and cold it is out there right now. I let the dogs out and lost what remaining nasal hairs I had just to the winds and shockingly cold air. Brrrr Thankfully the boys did not stay outside very long at all, they are now back inside with full tummies and in la la land. Oh the life of dogs in this house hold.

    Not looking forward in heading off this morning in these temps but will warm the car up nicely before dressing like Mrs Yeti and heading off.

    Not many visits today although we have been bombarded with heaps of admissions so I may get one or two to do which will be nice because they will be mine ALL mine. LOL

    Work was fun yesterday, I swear our office has the best time and laugh all the time. We always try and do something funny to each other and yesterday I surprised them with a little treat in the afternoon which they all appreciated and scoffed down with a cuppa.

    So looking forward to the weekend and getting out to hike with the dogs, may have to layer some but the weather should be warmer than it will be today. Hoping we can do long hikes so we can all enjoy the exercise.

    Our bamboo Roman shades arrived yesterday so we will have to run to the hardware store to pick out the rods for the curtains then get busy getting it all up. I am rather excited to see how it all comes together especially the roman shades as they will add some depth to the cabin and insulation on the French doors.

    Hope BC arrived safely at her conference destination and is feeling better so she can enjoy herself.

    Please do take care when heading out today and be safe.

    Much love to you all.
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  3. by   Joe NightingMale
    Morning Sabby. It's very cold here too.

    Busy day at work yesterday, the work is starting to pile up again. But it was an interesting day with some interesting problems. Was kind of annoyed with someone who came to me with a long and rambling question as I was trying to leave work, and as a result I missed my train. But her department has different hours so maybe she didn't realize I was about to leave. Today should be smoother, no meetings, so I'm hoping to get caught back up.

    Did the laundry last night. Went to bed early, was kind of tired yesterday. Glad the weekend is coming up, these short weeks can be a killer, trying to squeeze 5 days of work into 4. Thankfully this will be the last one for a while. and in a couple weeks I'll be working from home and no more commuting!
  4. by   BCgradnurse
    Good morning from sunny and warm Puerto Rico. We arrived safely and I am feeling much better. The hotel is spectacular and the first conference sessions have been interesting. DD and I are looking forward to hitting the beach this afternoon. I hope you all are staying warm
  5. by   TopazLover
    Good morning all.
    Sabby, if I ever need hospice services I want to be transferred to your care. Knock on wood, I am healthy and have no such needs currently. Joe, how great to telecommute, no last minute calls to bump you to the next train. There are so many people able to work at home now. It takes a bit of discipline to do it and I think you have plenty of that. BC, have a lovely time. Sending Davey some virtual Motrin for his aches and pains.

    Still cold and now we are on the track of another "clipper". More snow soon. It is still cold here. Currently 11*, up from 9 when I got up, late. I could not get to sleep again. What's up with that? I did sleep late. My dog thinks she wants to go out, but I won't take her until it gets warmer. Yesterday I took her out, and she got the chemicals on her feet that they use against the ice. First she was on 3 legs, and suddenly she was on her belly, crying and unwilling/unable to walk until I got her feet washed off. I don't know if some of the chemicals got between her pads and hurt or if the chemical burned. She seems ok now. She once had booties on for about 2 seconds. Of course she would not wear them.

    Well, that is the news here at H3// Freezes Over Central. I look forward to more snow as it usually means a bit of a warm up.

    Be safe out there. I may take my friend to pick up her new glasses if the weather cooperates. If not, maybe some other time. I want to spend the day reading. I have not done that in a long time.
  6. by   Ted
    Good Evening -

    It's 10:30 PM (EST) here. Tonight's the first of four nights off from work. Last night was busy. It was a good busy, though. Today, I worked on the video-taping project that I did last week. It's all edited. Now, I'm in my favorite process of doing these projects. I'm composing a simple music score to the video. Hope to have this video project entirely when I return to work Tuesday night.

    aknottedyarn - It's sad to read about the chemical burns to your poor dog's paws. Glad she's OK now. The cold weather is effecting our two dog's, it seems. During the extreme cold, they both don't wonder outside as long as they usually do. Our small dog, Chelsea, came in limping from the cold which was surprising. She's OK, thankfully. I warmed her paws and gave her a treat which seems to make the limping go away. Between the two dogs, Chelsea seems to be more bothered by the cold.

    BCgradnurse - Hope you enjoy your stay in Puerto Rico. What a nice place to hold a conference. I was in Puerto Rico, once, a LONG time ago. It was when I was working on my first cruise-ship gig (in a lounge band during my single years). It was a special cruise event. I took the time to tour an old fort which was pretty cool. Hope your feeling better and that you get the time to mix leisure with conference work.

    Joe - You ride a train during your commute to work? Missing it must have really sucked! Well, it's the week-end. Hope you have a nice, relaxing couple of days off from work.

    Sabby_NC - Yep. The cold weather is still around! It freezes those nose hairs right off! LOL! Seems like your doing some remodeling. Show off some pics if you can and share the changes being done. Glad to read all is well.

    I'm off to do more work on this video project. Composing and recording the music is my favorite part of the entire process.

    Peace, folks. . .