TGIF It's Friday 28th Good Morning

  1. I can't believe that it is 7am CST and no one has started a thread yet. Usually there are several post by the time I get to look.

    Well Sorry don't have time to leave breakfast so you guys are on your own this morning.

    Have a great day/night/afternoon what ever time it may be for you.

    I have to get the kids moving and off to school. Then I have 2 reports that need to be written, typed, and turned in. and my math needs to be typed and turned it..LOTS and LOTS of school work to get done today.

    MY migraine is down to a headache right now, so far my back pain has calmed down, still hurts but doesn't feel like it's on fire. My cold is full blast though. Just feel acky and want to stay in bed all day. Oh well thats the way the cookie crumbles.

    I will catch you guys later on today. I will stop in between breaks.

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  3. by   Tweety
    LOL! You must have beat me by a few seconds as mine has the same time. Something told me you were posting a GM thread.

    Glad you don't have a migraine. Seems like you are having more than you're fair share of migraines.

    I'm eating Ben & Jerry's for breakfast (plain vanillia, which I never eat, so I thought it was kinky to eat plain vanilla), so don't worry about me.
  4. by   akcarmean
    Tweety you must have been reading my mind.

    I have so many triggers for my migraines. Stress is a good one then the buldging disk in my back is pinching my siatic nerve which makes the migraines come easier. I can walk by some one with some strong flowery perfume and have an instant migraine. I can't go into shops like bath and body works or places like that to much strong scents instant migraine. Not enough sleep to much sleep, to much chocolate, any food that has been processed with MSG in it, there are several more those are just a few. I'm just falling apart at 33 LOL

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  5. by   akcarmean
    Could one of the mediators merge the two goodmorning threads together doesn't matter which way.

  6. by   Sadie04
    Good morning Tweety and Akcarmean. It's quiet in here this morning
    I'm off today but have to work all weekend, no big plans except to go to the grocery store and make a pot of minestrone and some cornbread so there will be something to eat between 12 hour shifts this weekend.
    Tweety, I have a terrible weakness for Ben & Jerry's - yesterday I ate 1/2 pint of the half-baked (the one with brownie chunks and globs of cookie dough :stone ) I can't help myself! At least now they make it will frozen yogurt (7 grams of fat instead of 20 per serving!)
  7. by   presC.
    "morning" angie, tweety, sadie04,
    ~will make this quick, again i'm too sleepy. need to go to bed now..
    be back tom. :1luvu:
    just pop in to say tgif!:melody::melody:
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  8. by   phn92
    Good morning all!!

    I stayed home today sick!! Dh and son are still running some fever! This is the pits!! I really hate to start the weekend this way, hope we all are better by Monday!!

    Hope everyone had a great TGIF day!!
  9. by   akcarmean
    well babysitter called in sick with the flu; so that means no school work for me. i did get my math paper typed and submited after bribing donald withsome m & m's. i took him long enought to eat them and watch barney so i could get the paper typed and submitted. was almost done and here he came. turned on the kids only computer and let him mess with that one for a few minutes so i could finish up.

    phn- so sorry to hear that your family is still feeling yucky. since the babysitter has it i am sure that it won't be long before it hits our house hold. i started taking my new meds (all of them) today. so we will see how things go. at least i did sleep better last night. i am still exhausted today which i am sure it's b/c of the cold.

    sadie -- hello i really like the prairie farms banana pudding ice cream. it has real cookies, marshmellow filling and the banana flavored pudding. ohhh such a weakness for me. glad you enjoyed yours

    if the baby takes a nap i might get lucky and be able to get some more homework done if not dh will have to watch him upstairs so i can get my other 2 papers done. i can't believe i am running so behind this week. i am usually done by thursday.

    i had group therapy last night not sure how that is going to work out but i guess we will find out; it was only the 1st night. well i am going to go and switch laundry over; maybe i will at least be able to get caught up on that since i can work on my homework. i will check in later.

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  10. by   Roy Fokker
    *rubs his eyes*

    Damn! Either the stupid alarm didn't go off or I slept through it - I missed my class!

    *Hope there was no serious repurcussions*

    GOOD MORNING cyber-family! My nose seems to be sniffling as well, I wonder if I've picked up something.

    Other than that, it's good for the weekend to be here. I need to unwind some...

    All this talk of Ben&Jerry has set my stomach rumbling - I need to have some ice-cream. ink I'll go and buy myself a tub
  11. by   akcarmean
    Quote from roy fokker
    *rubs his eyes*

    damn! either the stupid alarm didn't go off or i slept through it - i missed my class!

    *hope there was no serious repurcussions* :d

    roy is this the same class that you overslept through last week?

    hope they don't take off for not being in class.

    take care and have a good weekend.

    where is everybody ??? the thread is usually a lot longer than this by now!!!!!

  12. by   Spidey's mom
    Ok Marla - it is contagious through the computer. Woke up feeling fine today but after eating the scrambled eggs my husband made for me, I'm feeling slightly nauseous and headachey. Took a ginger capsule. Hope it fades away. I have so much to do today.

    No, I don't think my husband is poisoning me.

    Looking on the bright side of things . .the sun is shining. I'm not at work. I'm only slightly nauseous.

    TGIF . .. although I am on OB call starting tomorrow at 3 a.m. until 3 a.m. on Sunday.

  13. by   Roy Fokker
    Quote from akcarmean
    roy is this the same class that you overslept through last week?

    hope they don't take off for not being in class.

    take care and have a good weekend.

    where is everybody ??? the thread is usually a lot longer than this by now!!!!!

    no, that was a monday class.

    and yes, this thread usually is a few pages long by now.

    maybe everybody is too tired to come on?

    or could be internet problems - i know i've been suffering from intermittent disconnections from last night (i'm on cable/adelphia).
  14. by   CHATSDALE
    good afternoon...i will forgive all those who are saying TGIF .. i have to work two 16s sat/sun...tweety save a little ice cream at the bottom...
    angie sorry about the h/a s i use to have them terrible...doc said that he thought it was stress but i would have them when i would have them....haven't had a really bad one in years...there are some perks to being 111y/o not many but a few
    steph could that be morning sickness...that would give us something to talk about for the next 9 months
    roy*phn92*presc*sadie glad to see you
    will catch up with all later