Texas Teenagers Arrange Streetfight On Internet

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    [font=verdana,sans-serif]texas teenagers arrange street fight on internet[font=verdana,sans-serif]may 13, 11:12 am et

    [font=verdana,sans-serif]dallas (reuters) - teenage street fighting entered the digital age in a dallas suburb where 33 people have been arrested for slugging it out in a massive melee arranged on the internet and videotaped by participants, police say.

    police in garland said wednesday several people were injured in the fight and those arrested included 27 high school students. police were able to make arrests in this case earlier this week after reviewing a videotape of the brawl.

    the date and time of the meeting of rivals from two high schools' car clubs had been arranged over the internet, said joe harn, an officer with the garland police department.

    harn said that as a police gangs unit investigated the case, the group discovered the internet communication and the existence of videotapes.

    the fight took place on march 3 and a videotape of the event shows numerous people coming to blows in the street while onlookers cheered.

    those arrested could face between two to 20 years in jail if convicted of second-degree felony relating to the fight.

    "it is much more high-tech in the way they communicate," harn said, "but when it comes to fighting, it is still the same old thing."