Texas Alligator Torture

  1. Don't know if you all have seen this video clip on the news yet, but yesterday, in Texas, an alligator was loose in a very residential area. Parents and their kids wwere outside looking at it, a mom was video taping it, b/c it is a rare "treat" to see an alligator in the neighborhood.

    Of course animal control was called, and one officer arrived w a pick-up truck, by himself. The parents and kids watching thought the gator would be wrestled and caged and taken back to the wild.

    They did not expect to see what they did. The officer roped the gator around the neck, tied him to the back of the pickup truck, and dragged him down the street to an open area, where he then shot the gator.

    OK, call me irrational, I KNOW what a dangerous situation this was, but to watch that video, and see how that poor creature suffered, I hate to say it, but I felt sick to my stomach and couldn't even watch it!!!

    Katie Couric did question the chief animal control officer, and he presented a diff side, 1. The officer was alone, 2. There were kids actually riding their bikes close enough to the gator to touch his snout w the bike tires, 3. The area was teaming w people, which made it a very dangerous situation, and the officer had to take immediate action to remove the gator, and alone, this was his only option.

    I understand that completely....but....seeing the video, well, it is still horrible what was done.

    So, I am just wondering, did anyone else see this on TV today? Am I the only nutcase who feels sorry for alligators?? Was it really the only option???

    And, if this happens commonly, what's the officer to do?? I mean I guess every town does not have a "Steve the Alligator Guy" from the discovery channel nearby. I think it gives new meaning to the contributions this Steve guy makes (besides those dreamy thighs to admire. Oops, hey, lustful thoughts aren't against the TOS!!)
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  3. by   jnette
    How horribly sad ! Hope not to offend anyone in Tx., but seems to me I have heard about dragging the "unlikables" through the streets, chained or roped to their pickup trucks before?

    I think this was a very poor example for the children (and adults) to observe. I can't help but wonder if there had been a call about a couple teens smoking pot on the corner, how many officers would suddenly have been avaiable?

    Surely they could have enlisted help from SOMEWHERE !??? Even if shooting the poor critter had been the only option at that point, this would have been preferrable than first dragging the creature behind the truck and skinning it alive.

    Yes, Hooley.. I feel for the animal as well.
  4. by   passing thru
    I saw that show too this morning with Katie. And, also heard about it on Bill O'Reilly's show. There was 3 other officers there, but they were police officers.
    And one animal control officer from Texas Parks & Wildlife Department.
    The parks & wildlife officer asked the police officers to assist him with tying up the gator and pitching it into the back of his truck.

    It seems that this was a 9 foot long, 260 # alligator.

    The police officers refused ...."No Way, Jose !!" LOL

    So, the officer from parks & wildlife, (probably ticked off), lasso's the gator and ties it to the truck bumper and slowly
    drags it about 50 feet and shoots it.

    The officer said he did not want to allow the gator to scurry back down the trail into the bayou, because, "there is a high probability that the next call about this gator might involve someones' pet or a 2-3 year old child."

    He said most people do not realize how fast a gator can run, or that once it clamps it's mouth shut on a small child or a pet, it heads for the water, and no amount of tugging and pulling will free the victim.

    He said he should have warned the parents he was going to shoot it, and that was his only regret, and , also, that the police officers who were there to protect the public, refused to assist him and were simply spectators.

    In a news at noon interview, The big shot at Parks & Wildlife said their policy is to destroy all gators over 5 feet long. And that once a gator is not afraid of humans, no matter the size, they are killed. And , that gators are numerous in south Texas rivers, bayou's, state parks, ""practically everywhere there is water.""
  5. by   Furball
    I saw the video and was disgusted. I was running out the door when I saw it, didn't realize that they shot the poor thing....how sad. It wasn't that long ago that gators were on the endangered species list.

    One of the most exciting things I've ever watched were gators gliding aroud in a swamp in southern Alabama. They are precious, prehistoric-looking creatures.
  6. by   passing thru
    I had to sign off to watch Dr. Phil. Anyhow, the top dog at Texas Parks & Wildlife was on CNN and said he was reviewing their policy, but he felt the officer had done the best he could under the circumstances with the "9 foot long alligator."
    And he also said, " a lot of people think alligators are endangered or a rarity, but in Texas and all along the Gulf Coast, they have become a real nuisance and threat to humans and pets and more than one child has been killed by alligators."
  7. by   Furball
    I know that they have made a great come back.

    You would think they would have better plans in place to deal with these animals if there are so many running around.
  8. by   Furball
    From my 10 year old's archive of saved articles

    TED Case Studies

    Alligators in the 90's
  9. by   Rustyhammer
    Well if thats not just a crock...
  10. by   Dplear
    This incident actually took place about 4 blocks from my house. I know someone that lives on that street and they said that people were getting too close to the gator. They are not playful creatures by nature. A gator can actually move REAL fast when it wants to. I hear a gator can run a 4 min. mile if it wants to. The tail is the strongest part and can break a mans leg without difficulty.

    That particular gator was over 9 feet long and showed no fear of humans at all. It is next to a golf course where it probably lived in a water hazard. There was no other way for that Animal control officer to deal with it. he was alone and capturing that size gator is not easy. He used his best judgement and resources at hand to move it. It was also to large to be relocated. It had to be killed. The gators are starting to be a pest/menace again. Personally if it was on my street and I saw it outside like that, I would have put about 6 12 gauge slugs through its head then called animal control.

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  11. by   hoolahan
    I know Dave, if I saw it on my street I think I would have soiled my pants in fear. I have seen how fast they move (on TV w Steve) so I understand the terrible immediate danger. But even knowing that, it hurt me to watch the poor creature dragged first. I would rather the guy just put a slug in it right there, or tranq'd it. Isn't it possible to tranq a beast like that??

    I know he did what he felt he had no choice to do, maybe I am just wishing I didn't watch good morning America today.
  12. by   duckie
    I do not feel it was necessary to drag this poor creature and torture him, then shoot him. If he posed that big of threat, tell the croud to take their children inside and do what had to be done for keeping the pubic safe, but you cannot tell me that dragging was a necessary thing in this mess. How many kids will have nightmares for months to come for seeing this horrible act. Seems simple to me, everyone go into your house, shoot the creature and cover it up till it can be disposed of properly. No one needed to stand by and watch this incident. All of God's creatures feel pain, you think this one didn't, just because it is massive and has great strength? This was handled the wrong way!!!!! Duckie
  13. by   Furball
    Anyone who gets close to an alligator is an idiot. (unless, of course, you are Steve Irwin ) Anyone who doesn't teach common sense to their kids is an idiot and any kid who doesn't listen to their parents when they tell them to stay away from the gator down the street is an idiot. Anyone who realizes their kid is an idiot and doesn't lock them inside when a gator is roaming the neighborhood is an idiot. Shoot the idiots.

    Sorry, rough nite at work...can ya tell?
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  14. by   NICU_Nurse
    ROFL, Furball!