Test Anxiety Please help!!!

  1. Hi everybody, I have a big test on the 10th and I'm freakin out. I study,tape the lectures and research on the internet and by the time I have to take a test I feel like I know NOTHING!! My heart rate increases and I just can't think. How can I get over this. I am so scared I left something out studying I just loose it. I work harder than the ones who make straight A's and can only scratch out a B. I am just sick of this. Oh,not only do I have an A&PII test also a lab practical. I think I need to learn how to dig out the impt. points and forget so much time on the small stuff BUT I don't know how. Please any help would be wonderful. WHEW!! thanks for letting me vent. My test and practical are over the heart, endocrine system, reproductive system & circl. system.
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  3. by   zambezi
    As one who has never had a lot of test anxiety, I let you know that i did though I know that it doesn't compare to what you go though with a test...
    I try to learn concepts instead of each piece of minute information...granted, there are somethings that you just have to know, but especially with the systems, physiology, try to make connections on how they work together and independently of each other. Try to get a routine down with your studying...you certainly seem to study alot from your post. Try to make your studying low stress, do the same system ( of studying) every time. id...sit down in a quite place (or with music or whatever is comfortable), have a cup of tea, water, whatever. Do a chapter, five pages...etc. I used to make lots of notecards. i would read for whatever I designated (ie: 20 minutes or a chapter...depends on the information that I was studying). I made my notes on notecards and took a 15 mintue break. Study for a couple of hours each day but make sure you take a day or two off for you. Study your notecards in your "spare time"...Most of all, you know the info! Try not to stress out. Take a big breath before each question, have the question make sense in your head...think about what the question is asking and do the best you can, after all, that is all you can do. It may take a few tests to figure out what system works for you. Talk with your teachers and let them know about your situation, ask if they have any suggestions. Stay away from other high anxitey test takers around test time--try a group, it may work (i personally always found that groups didn't work for me as a serious study time but they were fun and mixed it up...)Anyway good luck, I hope someone that know more about feeling really anxious will share their strategies...