1. Hey Ya'll!

    I was just wondering if anyone has any advice for me. I have got the biggest problem taking test. I can Study all day/night long, and I will know it all, but when I go to take my test, I go BLANK! I will forget everything! But what is so bad about it, I can go back after my test is graded and I can tell you the answer to every question. This was a big problem last year, I would make A's on all of my work and then bomb my test! Very Very Very Annoying! But this year, I am going to start taking MAJOR test (Exit test, ect.) and it is going to be really bad if I have that problem at test time. If you have any advice at all, let me know please!!!!!

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  3. by   joyrochelle
    I would suggest meeting with your
    instructor about making an arrangement with your learning resource center about test taking skills to work on! Good luck! Test anxiety is the worst.
  4. by   shay
    Hmmm....what about going somewhere like a Sylvan learning ctr or something and meeting w/a counselor who can help you work on test anxiety (which it sounds like you have).

    I can't relate, unfortunately. I've always been kinda laissez-faire when it came to taking tests and had a fairly easy time with them.

    I definitely recommend seeking help from SOME sort of academic counselor, though. What you describe, i.e. making A's on class assignments but bombing the test, is classic test anxiety, even if you don't *consciously* feel anxious, know what I mean?

    Lots of folks have it and you're not a weirdo or anything. Have you popped over to the student nsg forum and asked about it? I think I remember some folks over there who have worked through test anxiety.

    Good luck!! :kiss