Terrorism By Any Other Name

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    I was once known as Negro, Colored, Black, and only recently am I known as African American. But I have been in this country for hundreds of years. I am not made to feel as a citizen of my own state, let alone my country. I have known terror all my life. How much more terrorizing can I endure. One gets accustomed to a life of terror. It's a way of life for me in America. My churches and homes have always been bombed. Why can't I feel anything about 911? Where is my patriotism? Help me to feel part of America. Say something that would make me feel patriotic. Make me feel a part of this struggle. I have my own struggle. And now I must take on another struggle. You say, "don't play the race card, racism is dead." But it's very much alive and it dragged my brother behind a truck until his body parts were scattered in different places. Fanatics are right here in America. Fanatics love terrorism. They are my neighbors. They have been here all along, and they are not about to leave. Who are they? Who am I? What will I be known as tomorrow?
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  3. by   nurs4kids
    I feel your pain.
    Let's see, in my 34 years on this earth, I've been called a tirad of names. I've been called fat; I've been called a bigot because of where I was born, not because of any action on my part; I've been called a bit%$, rightly so at times; I've been called tons of things that, had I ALLOWED it, could have hindered my progression in life. I have been discriminated against because I'm overweight, I've been discriminated against because I'm a woman, I've been discriminated against because I was single, I've been discriminated against because I am married, I've been discriminated against because I have kids, I've been discriminated against because I smoke..the list goes on.

    Racism DOES exsist, but you see, it isn't a one-way street. Not a week goes by, that I don't care for a black family at work that treats me as if I'm their maid, as if they're paying ME back for hundreds of years of pain and suffering. Their's an underlying, "your white ass is gonna pay.." in these attitudes. I understand the pain, I understand the anger. I don't, however, understand the desire to make ME suffer. I NEVER owned a slave, nor did any of my family; I NEVER bombed a church, burned a cross or mistreated ANYONE based on skin color; I have no memory of separate water fountains/bathrooms/resturaunts, I am adamant at teaching my kids racial equality ( NOT "tolerance", such an ugly word. We TOLERATE things because we are forced to, not out of love for others). I, like any other white american with half a conscious, want to see those who tortured black americans punished; I hope anyone who drug a man behind a truck, beat a man (regardless of skin color or reason for beating), or burned a cross in someone's yard , is severely punished. I find solace in the fact that if my government fails to deal appropriately with the perpertrators of these heinous crimes, my God will not fail. BUT, with all this said, I still must ask. What have I done to deserve this treatment by blacks?? I know the answer, I was born white, period.

    My best friend is black, but I can not enter or leave her neighborhood after dark. Why? Because I am white; I am the enemy. In the daylight, I am stared at as if I'm an alien, I am stopped by BLACK policemen and suspected of seeking/dealing drugs; all this because I am white in a black neighborhood.

    So, you see..terrorism, by your definition exsists for everyone. You're right, I do say your "race card" has no place here. Everyone can find their achilles heel and play it to their benefit. There are thousands of black americans that have made it big in this country, are more successful than I'll ever dream of being. How is it they were capable of being so secure, so successful, yet you are held back? Perhaps your bone should be with them.

    Who will you be tomorrow? That is determined by YOUR leaders. The terms used for black americans have changed because of demands of BLACK leaders, not by white america. So, you'll have to ask your leaders what you will be called, that isn't up to us. As for me, IF I must address you by your skin color, then I will continue to refer to you as "black", as that seems to be the preferable term for the majority.

    If you can't seem to find any patriotism, if this country has been so evil to you, then I must ask one more question. Why do you continue to stay? I often ask this same question of my father-in-law, who hates America. I just don't understand why people stay when they're so mistreated. Last I checked, our government wasn't forcing anyone a w/o criminal record to stay here.

    In case you missed this point, there were WHITE, BLACK, ASIAN, EUROPEAN, ETC., ETC., killed in the 9-11 attacks. Do NOT attempt to underplay the tragedy of those people's death by playing your race card here. It just ain't gonna win.

    You must deal with YOUR anger, YOUR prejudices before asking other's to deal with theirs.
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  4. by   prn nurse
    You have lived in a large American city and are scared to death to stop at a traffic light at night because of the car-jackers. Until you are afraid to shop alone at the mall because there is a good chance you will get robbed in the parking lot. Until you are afraid to go for a walk at night in your own neighborhood because of the "cruisers" looking for "an opportunity" (someone to victimize). Until you hear and see the results of "drive-by shootings" Until you see and hear the results of drug gangs "turf wars" Terrorism is working all night in a convenience store and wondering which customer is going to shoot you in the face for $20 ! It is driving a cab and having (by Law) to pick up thugs and fearing for your life ! Racism??? Read the papers and see which race is responsible for 80 % of these crimes. I am sick and tired and disgusted that elderly citizens have to lock their doors and bar their windows and stay in their houses once the sun sets, because of criminals who want to victimize the weak, the solitary jogger, the solitary driver, .....you get the picture. The whole country is living a "threatened lifestyle". Terrorism?? Talk to any white person living and working in a large American city. "The Heartland?" Can Memphis, Kansas City, or St. Louis get any worse?? Which race is responsible for their violent crime rates?
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  5. by   3651bht
    Cause what you all are doing isn't... If you always do what you've always done You'll always have what you've always had... Violence begets violence... Where do you suppose the guy who shot up the factory learnt to do that???? Maybe nurses should start a pacifist movement.. Maybe we would be good at it.. We have a high consumer rating in this country.. Maybe it all starts with one.. Anyone want to join.. No fees, no dues just spread the news....


    May the sun shine brightly on you, in peace, and may the wind be always at your back....
  6. by   KC CHICK
    I agree w/nurse4kids....very well said!!!! I was thinking many of those same things when I first read this post. Just didn't know how to put them into the eloquent words that you managed to do.

    At 28 y/o, I too have NEVER seen slavery or segregation. Why should I have to PAY for mistakes others made 50-100+ years ago?? The few monsters that are committing race related crimes DO NOT speak for the majority.

    I'm part Irish, and if I remember history correctly, the Irish were severely persecuted when they first came to America. (Which was not by choice for some of them.) They were not very well liked and were not accepted. Am I out using that as a way to gain sympathy for any failures I may have had??? You bet your sweet A$$ I'm not!!

    (page r/t the plight of the Irish immigrants)

    Again........Do not use the "RACE CARD" here. A good point was previously made that 9-11 involved the poor souls of many, many different races and backgrounds. Your post is definately not an appropriate comparison to this terrible trajedy.
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  7. by   nurs4kids
    the following is from encarta. I'd just like to ask one question. Just how do you suggest we reach these goals? Pacifism SOUNDS wonderful, if you're a dreamer. Ideally, that is how everyone wishes the world was. I just don't see the possibility. Okay, from Encarta:
    II. Pacifist Goals

    In attempting to prevent war, pacifists must achieve four principal goals. A climate of feeling favorable to peace must be established; the potential causes of conflict, inherent in such factors as economic competition, the quest for power, and fear of foreign domination, must be eliminated or minimized; means for the settlement of disputes must be provided, as in mediation, arbitration, and trial procedures; and, finally, ways must be found to ensure observance of the settlements that are made. Several distinctive approaches to achieving these goals have been advanced.

    I swear we are sisters I'm from Irish ancestory as well, and really fought the urge to make the point that you so eloquently made above about the Irish struggles. There were MANY people who struggled throughout in the US. The most discriminated against? The american indian! <mumbles> and we continue to pay for that, today as well.

    very good points.

    I thought about one more point I'd like to make. Every February is black history month. Kwanza (sp?) is celebrated every year. Do you honestly think for one minute that the white culture would be allowed to celebrate WHITE HISTORY MONTH??? or any other celebration of white culture? No way, first of all, black leaders would be all over it screaming "racism" and secondly, if it were allowed by the gov't, blacks would march and protest throughout the entire thing, overshadowing the reason for the celebration. Is this not a form of racism, of terrorism, of discrimination????????

    I, like many white american's, am damn sick of this race card thing. The next big movement will be the white race regaining OUR RIGHTS. For years, I have spoken out against the confederate flag. My feeling was, if it offended anyone, it had no place on public property. My attitude is beginning to change. You see, no one cares that the constant playing of "race cards", the "in your face" black history month (that our kids are FORCED to learn and participate in), the constant hatred and blame of white americans by people like you is terrorizing white america. Why should my heart continue to bleed for what your ANCESTORS went though????

    anyhow, channboy, keep up the hatred, keep up the good work. people like you will continue to destroy years of progress toward equality. you will continue to stretch that white-black barrier a little more. eventually, all white people will have had enough, and we will step up to the plate, we will march, my grandkids will be seeking retribution..only then will true equality be understood. ;D
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  8. by   3651bht
    We have a saying here in Maine engage brain before opening mouth .. Learnt is a prefectly good word....
  9. by   3651bht
    Check out the site..I learnt something there maybe you will too..
  10. by   nurs4kids
    I stand corrected. I was editing the above at the same time you were posting above, so for other's understanding, I had asked 3651 where he/she learned the word "learnT". After checking with Webster's, at your advice, you are absolutely correct, it is a word. I'm still not positive you've used it in the correct form, but I'm not about to suggest otherwise . I'm very glad to find this is a word, perhaps now I can stop cringing every time I hear someone speak the word "learnt", but I doubt it.
  11. by   3651bht
    word nauseous when referring to your patient who is about to vomit ( unless he also smells bad) I won't find it necessary to correct your grammer..

    May the sun shine brightly on you, in peace, and may the wind be always at your back or something like that.....
  12. by   nurs4kids

    Thanks for the link, I am relieved to see "knowed" isn't a word. After your putting me in my place over "learnt", I had this gnawing fear that "knowed" may be a word also, as I've always felt the same about the two verbs. Thanks again.
  13. by   VickyRN
    Channboy, all this bitterness and hatred will end up destroying you. It is this type of unforgiving attitude that produces the Bosnias, the Northern Irelands, the Rwandas. Do we really want this in America? Forgive and live in peace. We all have it hard, some more than others, but this VICTIM MENTALITY will get you nowhere--it will only make you miserable and spread the misery to a lot of other people. You know the saying "Misery loves company." Take control of your destiny, be proactive, believe in God's goodness, release all this negativity. It is in quietness and confidence that we have strength and peace.
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  14. by   Dplear
    when I lived in New Hampshire I LEARNT a word there....for the people of maine...we called them Maine-iacs.....now I see maybe for a reason....pacifism.....lets see, I believe Chamberlin tried that in England oh around the late 1930's. I faintly recall a person named Hitler having something to say about that, by means of incvading Poland and killing 6 MILLION people. Lets see the Dali Lama preaches pacifism. I believe that China still occupies Nepal and Tibet.

    Pacifism by another name is called isolationism. We tried that with Japan in the 1930's. Remember December 7th 1941?...
    I can cite many more episodes of the utopian ideal of pacifism being overrun by the naked aggression of another. And personally if given the choice of being the person either putting the boot heel on someone or having their boot heel on me. I will take being the person giving someone else the boot heel.

    As fpr the racism of my ancestors, am I to be held accountable for the sins of my forefathers? I do not think so. I have not commited these sins and i know of noone that has commited these sins. So in a saying GROW UP, stop living in the past and live in the now. And I can say with all truth that I have been the object of racism. I am a white male in a female dominated industry. I am married to an oriental lady. My children are of a mixed background. So CHANNBOY you do not have the market on being discriminated against. I also share in that marlet and I refuse to buy into it.