Tennis - and Agassi

  1. Hope he wins on Sunday
    I think he is a great ambassadot for the US
    I would have loved to have seen a Hewiit Agassi final - well maybe next year
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  3. by   emily_mom
    I have always been in love with Agassi...even took up tennis b/c of him. Had all his posters in my room.... I loved his long hair.....wish he wouldn't have scalped himself....

  4. by   Tookie
    I think he is so together - both with his tennis and is life - he is a terrific representative
    I was rather sorry that Andy Roddick lost tonight
  5. by   semstr
    Did you ever see pictures of his son? Now, that is a lovely little boy!
    Although the printmedia in Germany, still is not over the fact, that "their" Steffi Graf, didn't give her son a real German name!
  6. by   RNforLongTime
    I was disappointed that he married Steffi Graf! She's not attractive, a good tennis player maybe but ugly! Oh well, I liked Andre better when he was married to Brooke Shields!
  7. by   Grace Oz
    I don't like the look of bananas either... BUT...
    They Taste GREAT!!!
    Just cos Steffi doesn't LOOK like a Barbie doll, doesn't mean she's not beautiful on the INSIDE where it matters the MOST!
    Watch out next year Andre'! Lleyton Hewitt is still YOUNG! LOL
  8. by   Tookie
    Congratulations to Andre Agassi - Terrific winner - boring match - as Andre was just too good. - Las Vegas should be very proud of him - as should all of the US - good ambassador - would have really like to have seen a more spirited match - but l think that Schuettler was too overwhelmed - He was gracious in defeat.