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  1. I just got this wicked col idea, lets start a collective story. IE I'll start and leave an open end, the next poster will add to that, and the next to that etc... ok here we go

    There were 3 nurses who worked togther on a med/surge/tele floor who all rode toghter, since they all live near each other and worked the same 7 pm to 7 am shift. One monday while arivving on the floor they were all taken agast because what they saw was...
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  3. by   tiger
    all of the day shift nurses who should have been busy finishing up their shift, getting ready to give report and go home were dancing around the unit with crazed looks on their faces. they had made capes out of blankets and protective gowns. they had made hats out of bedpans and sample collection pans. there were supplies strewn everywhere and several call lights were buzzing away. the three nurses looked at each other not sure just what do do. they tried to question a couple of the nurses but got no response other than a wild grin or a wink. finally they saw the day supervisor. she wasn't dancing or smiling but was sitting in a patients wheelchair looking through the door outside. they approached her and asked her what happened? what was going on? and she replied....
  4. by   RNforLongTime
    "Excuse I know you?"..the day shift supervisor said to the three nurses. One nurse spoke up and said"hello..we want to know what the he!! is going on here" The day shift supervisor looked again at the three nurses this time with a dazed, distant look on her face and went back to staring at the doorway. So the nurses went back over to where their colleagues were dancing and again asked what was going on and the one day shift nurse said....
  5. by   e-nurse
    ...still dancing wildly and looking crazed, "It's the truth, it's really the truth, the telemetry screens told us so!" "The screens told us the truth!" he continued while beating on the bottom of a bedpan with a Yancuar in a tribal fashion. Meanwhile, halfway down the hallway a family member appeared from a patients room, looking quite hysterical herself. She singled out the new nurses who she didn't recognize, and who appeared to be still with their sanity and called out for help. "Please help!" she cried...
  6. by   tiger
    the three nurses ran down to the room where the visitor had appeared in the doorway crying for help. when they entered the room the were immediately entranced by the telemetry screen. they no longer responded to the woman asking for help. they continued to stare at the screen and began to mouth the words that they read. then to speak the words out loud. then they began to shout over and over again the words that they read on the screen. these words were....
  7. by   canoehead
    DNR per nursing discretion

    Meanwhile the patient's wife was frantically pulling on one nurses sleeve. Multiple tubes were coming from every orifice, and the patient was pasty white and emaciated. There were burn marks on his chest, and one of the day shift nurses danced by saying "every time we bring him back they pay us $500 each!! We run every code anyway. Sheri actually practised her aromatherapy this morning- got the sucker back twice"
  8. by   CashewLPN
    these words were lyrics to the ever popular 'another one bites the dust' by Queen.
    BAM, BAM, BAM, Another one bites the dust!
    He kept beating the bedpan in tune with the opressively beeping of the other tele monitors, while the one on the top left began to spaz out-- the line looking more like one of those graphic equalizer thingies on a cheap stereo, undulating and pulsing in time with the nurses. All of a sudden, the music they shouted began to change, with the changing of this one tele monitor's printout.
    The Assistant manager of the floor came running out of her office, bedpan hat, robes, and capes in tow. The din in the nurses station and hallway quieted as suddenly as it began. All the lights went dead, the pale violety glow of the emergency lights lit, and began to pulse with a quality never seen before... The amr began to scream ' THE AGE OF AQUARIUS' over and over---- the staff formed a circle around her, and began to sing, and DANCE, and STRIP while doing the ever famous scene from HAIR....
    and through it all, a mad cow could be heard in the background, mooing as it wrote into a journal these few words:::