Teenagers Aghhhhhhhhh

  1. I am losing my mind. My kids have never given me a real problem before, honor rolls and no broken bones in the past. 2 weeks ago, teenage son broke his collar bone (won't wear his sling by the way), one week later teenage daughter broke toe. Yesterday, my son had some friends over. Oh.... I went and bought new ping-pong balls and soda and stuff, well they took a walk in the woods and he had a chlorine bomb blow up in his face. Couldn't breath for awhile, choking (I thought he was going to die) and face is quite burnt. He's lucky no friends got hurt, not to mention he could be blind or what not. I never heard of these bombs. My almost 17 year old daughter started hating me out of the blue. My 6 year old has a loose tooth, that's the only thing going on that I actually expected to happen these days. Does anyone want to go out for a drink? hahaha.
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  3. by   stidget99
    Fortunately kids grow up. But the trick here is to maintain your sanity while they do just that!! Most definitely not an easy task!!! When they say that being a parent is the toughest job you will ever have.....BOY WERE THEY RIGHT! All you can really do is be there for them, guide them (as they will let you) and be ready to pick up the pieces when they make poor choices. With any luck, the bad choices they make will not have long-term reprocussions (sp?).

    Look on the bright side! You only have 12 yrs to go! LOL

    Hang in there.
  4. by   Audreyfay
    I really wish I were closer and could converse with you. It seems that the light turns off when the child turns 13, and it doesn't come back on until they reach their 20's. It is just a stage. Just a stage. I remember being so upset with my daughter. I am a pretty religious person (especially since I am now married to a reverend!) One time she was really upset with me, and said to one of her friends on the phone, "GD her to hell!" The interesting thing about living in one of those big old houses with the high ceilings and hardwood floor is that something said in the hall upstairs can easily be heard by mother coming in downstairs door.

    Try to find support, i.e. other mothers who are going through similar. These things are expected. Perhaps some of their behavior you do not like, but it is still important to LOVE the kid.

    Daughter is now 26 and has been married for about a year now. We are the best of friends now. But it was certainly touch and go for years! Hugs! You will be in my prayers.
  5. by   hikernurse
    This is why people start off life as babies, not teenagers :chuckle. If you really knew what was ahead, you probably wouldn't do it, LOL. At least your daughter got to the end of her teens before starting to hate you . I have a 17 yo, too, and it can be a rough ride. She's a great kid, but some days I end up the enemy. Somehow, I ended up with my girls being 6 years apart, so I'll have a teenage girl in the house for 18 straight years .

    I hope it gets better and I'm glad your kids aren't in any worse shape for their misadventures .
  6. by   lifesaverwv
    Hang in there. Things will eventually get better. I would not want to go through the teenage years again for anything! I admire you for having 3 kids & going to nursing school too. You must be a strong person I'm thankful that your son wasn't blinded by that bomb, it could have been much worse. Keep your chin up & a smile on your face.
  7. by   VivaLasViejas
    Someone already said it best: "Trying to raise teenagers is like nailing Jello to a tree".

    It gets better, I promise! My 22-year-old daughter is one of my best friends now, of course she's going to be a mom herself in a couple of months and has a whole new appreciation for what her dad and I went through raising her. (I tell her, "oh, just you wait.......you ain't seen NOTHING yet!" :chuckle ). My almost 20-year-old daughter is also beginning to get a few clues. My 16-year-old, bless his heart, shows signs of becoming human sometime this decade, while the almost 14-year-old son who used to be such a sweetheart has turned into this TEENAGER......but even HE knows he really isn't doing anything we haven't seen before, and he's smart enough to admit that. :chuckle
  8. by   leslie :-D
    my almost 15 yo son had a full-blown tantrum tonight, throwing things all over the place; he couldn't even control his self.
    now, i wasn't going to argue with someone that angry but i did need to keep him safe so i literally laid on top of him and he told me if i didn't get off him, he was going to throw me off.
    i kept on talking to him in a very soft tone (still on top of him) right in his ear and i could feel his body relaxing.
    after he calmed down ( i waited around 30 minutes) i made him clean up the mess.
    out of my 3 children (12, 14, 15) he is my most stubborn and defiant, but also my most sensitive.
    by far, these teenage yrs have been the most challenging yrs of my maternal life. even my 12 yo is starting his acting out behaviors now, my mellow, laid back baby.
    truly, if i anticipate alot of problems w/my kids, i'll go nuts.
    so i literally have been taking one day at a time.

    one day at a time....and continue to treat them the way you would want to be treated. it does work both ways.

  9. by   studentNY
    Thank you all so much for reminding me that perhaps, I'm not alone. I think it's the almost 17 yo daughter who PMS's about 25 days a month that hurts the most. It's nice to hear there's a chance she will grow out of it. My little one's tooth fell out today, gotta go let the tooth fairy take care of things........
  10. by   meownsmile
    Sooo, your teenager hates you? Ya mine too, but geez,, one day hate, the next asking for money,, then next loves me to death. Hormones? Emotions? Insanity?
    Gawd i dont know, but i wish they would either grow up or go back to being a 3 year old so i could put them to bed if they misbehave!!!
    Gotta luv um!!!
  11. by   Brian
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