Ted--Seen the "Guitar Port"?

  1. Hey, Ted. You mentioned once about your musical/computer toys. Hubby just got something called the "GUITAR PORT." I think I've just been widowed.

    Apparently, it's an amp simulator (?). There are multiple different amps that it can emulate; he can download what I call his "back-up" band from an online site and play lead guitar to the band. I know I am **WAY** oversimplifying.

    Here's the description from Musician's Friend:

    "Line 6 revolutionary amp modeling technology is ready to invade your computer. 10 incredible classic amp models can be combined with various cab models, just like a POD or Flextone amp. You also get a broad palette of high-impact effects, all with 24-bit D/A/D conversion and 32-bit floating-point DSP. Just load the software, plug the GuitarPort into your PC's USB port, and plug in your guitar and set of speakers or phones. Features tuner, noise gate, and intelligent hum reducer. An incorporated audio player lets you jam along with CDs and MP3s, loop sections, and slow down songs without changing pitch. Sign up with GuitarPort Online ($7.99 a month) and get original recordings by big name musicians of the greatest guitar tunes with a removable guitar track. GuitarPort will even automatically set up the amp section to sound like the guitar part on the most popular version of the song. Also get tab, playing tips, new patches, music news, forums and more. "
    Have you seen this thing? I've lost my husband to it (at least until the next toy comes along). This has been his most absorbing toy in a while.
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  3. by   Ted
    Sorry . . . I don't play guitar. Too many strings.

    I love the guitar, too! I've heard of the Guitar port, though.

    There's lots of neat computer-based toys out there!!!

    There's one software made by Steinberg that actually mimicks guitar playing for non-guitarists like me! I listened to the demo version . . . pretty cool! I'm thinking about getting it except I already work with a guitarist for my recordings who is a fantastic player!!! We used to play in a southern rock band together . . . he's got tons of techinque and ears as big as an elephant's!!! We had a lot of fun!

    I hope your hubby has tons of fun with his new toy!!! And I hope he comes up for air every once in a while to give his wife the attention she deserves!