Technology found in three contries

  1. I was listening to the news this morning and they stated that the anthrax (inhaled) technology could only be found in three countries. The U.S., Russia, and Iraq. They then went on to state that they felt that it was not coming from Russia or Iraq, but the U.S.!!! I have a real problem with that.

    OK....the name Suddam Hussein comes to mind here. The man HATES the U.S., has supported terroristic attacks in the past against the U.S. and has the technology for this. Maybe I'm wrong, but my vote goes to Iraq for the culprit behind this one!!!
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  3. by   oramar
    I wish I could remember who said it. One person on TV said that the Anthrax sent to places in Florida was genetically related to stuff US gov made before they shut down it's biological warfare program.
  4. by   Joules
    The stuff probably originated in US or Soviet laboratories and (due to scandalously lax security during former administrations) made its way to Iraq. Any bioterrorists would have received their training in the dissemination of dangerous materials directly from Iraqi military intelligence experts. Iraq is the only country known to be actively developing such substances of mass murder as anthrax, sarin, mustard gas and nerve gases as war weapons.
    Many intelligence experts believe that the foot and mouth disease which struck British livestock last year was a bioterror exercise carried out either by groups connected with Bin Laden's Al Qaeda network or by Iraqi military intelligence.
  5. by   Joules
    Lots of former Soviet scientists and biophysicists out of work now and looking for a way to feed their families...
  6. by   donmurray
    I know that being paranoid does not mean that "they" are not out to get you, but come on! Were these "Intelligence experts" writing in the "National Enquirer"? Even the famously rabid British tabloid press didn't ever come up with that one! One did suggest that a pig in the north of England got it from eating a chinese meal, but bioterrorism? I think not! Foot and Mouth Disease is a well documented, highly infectious agent which has existed for a very long time, I believe the last outbreak in the USA was in the 1940's or 50's .
    Or perhaps my Government doesn't want me to panic?
  7. by   semstr
    cool, we were in a war and didn't even know about it!
    Now why would anybody do that?
    And they started a biochemical war with not only Britain but Germany, Holland, Belgium, France, Denmark, Spain and Austria too..........................
    No I don't believe that at all. It really hurts to read crap like that really.
    What I don't understand though, why do you care so much about where these Anthraxthings are coming from? Who gives a s... about that?
    Important is to catch every envelope etc. containing anthrax.

    Take care, don't send post, but email everything
  8. by   rncountry
    What do you mean who gives a **** where it is coming from? That's like saying who gives a **** who committed a murder. Explain to me how you stop it without knowing where it is coming from. It is not good enough to simply try to catch the envelopes it is coming in.
    I don't think the US government wants to publicly say it may be coming from Iraq for a couple reasons. First because that may panic the public, like we all aren't already speculating about that already, second because if it is proven it is coming from Iraq there will be all sorts of hell breaking loose politically because the first President Bush did not have the military finish the job on Hussain during Desert Storm. There are a whole lot of people in the present Bush administration that were in the first that advised on that decision. Third it could potentially open another front in the war. Fourth and perhaps most important, we had better be sure when it is figured out so it does not appear as if we are just out to get those of the Islamic faith. At this time we are bending over backwards to not do anything to upset that coalition. It is my thought that if it is discovered with hard evidence that this is coming from Iraq(and that is my vote) than all bets are off, and this country should do whatever it has to do to protect the country and it's citizens.
  9. by   roachell
    I think we are all thinking the samething here. All signs lead to IRAQ. Check this new article out.
    Also remeber we used to be allies with IRAQ so if they have an American strain of Anthrax it should not come as a suprise. They were also allies with the Russians for that matter.
    Guess who's next!
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  10. by   Mijourney
    Chaos seems to be winning here. The devil is laughing his head off while we're scuttling around like chickens with our heads cut off in a near panic. I'm angry about things that have happened or are happening too, but.....

    Joules, you seem to have some good insight on the bioterroism matter. I would like to know when the anthrax scares actually began. There has been indications that anthrax was used for terror in the US prior to 9-11. If not, why do you suppose that the first anthrax case after 9-11 was the death of a person who worked in the tabloids which in my opinion is part of the liberal media? Why the big three networks (Tom Brokaw's assistant was directly affected)? Why was Tom Dascle the first individual congressman to my knowledge to receive an anthrax letter which just happened to have the most sophisticated form of anthrax?
  11. by   semstr
    OK, Mccountry, I meant of course, that you can't care where the bacteries come from, they probably came from a laboratory somewhere in the USA, they worked together with doctors in the USSR, who fought in Afganistan and who worked with a female doctor in Iraq, who worked and studied in Europe and in the USA, and all this was financed by Saoudis.
    So, who is to blame?
    You want to catch the sick minds playing around with Anthrax right now, not the ones producing it. That was done ages ago.

    Take care, Renee