Tea drinkers unite!

  1. No fair that the coffee drinkers get their own thread. Personally I hate coffee of any flavor. I can choke one down if it's the only thing available, but only if it's so drenched in cream & sugar that I can no longer taste the coffee, lol.

    So I drink tea. And hot chocolate. And chai (but not Moxie Java or Starbucks chai... blea).

    Here's a tidbit for ya. I put milk in my tea. Cream if I've got it, creamer in a pinch, but my preference is for milk. I learned that from my Grandpa, who told me it's a Welsh thing. I guess it's an English thing too, I dunno. But here in the US most people look at me strangely when they see that.

    Well they look at me strangely a LOT, but that's another thread...

    So what's your favorite tea? I like lots of kinds, but my favorite is Celestial Seasonings' Sleepytime, for general having-around-the-house purposes. I also like those teas that come in the round cardboard tube, and the teabags themselves are round (forgot the brand name).
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  3. by   delirium
    I like Earl Grey, with milk.

    And I'm not even English. So there.

    Celestial seasonings' Wild Berry Zinger........yum!! (but I also drink coffee).
    I drink iced tea. Does that count?

    <slugs down the last of the double mocha cappuchino>

  6. by   J-RN student
    Home-made sun tea with sweet & low
  7. by   eltrip
    The round teabags are from the Republic of Tea. We love the teas here in our office. Afternoon tea is a frequent occurance here. Lapsang Souchang is my favorite.
  8. by   kristi915
    I hate coffee, but like frothy french vanilly cappuchino.

    I drink a lot of tea and hot chocolate. I had one of those chai drinks from Dunkin donuts and it was way to sweet and filling....made me sick...

    I'm an iced tea girl myself. But I'll occasionally drink hot tea...
  9. by   karenG
    tea without milk?????????????? its a british thing- not just welsh and nobody makes tea like us!!!! I like assam tea or redbush (but that is drunk black) but tea without milk- I am shocked!!!!

  10. by   ptnurse
    Here in the south, the drink of the day is usually iced tea. I have never really tried hot tea. Maybe it is time for a new experience.
  11. by   RN2B2005
    I drink Red Rose tea most of the time, and have a little shrine consisting of all of the little porcelain figurines that come in the boxes. I'm fairly indiscriminate, though, and will drink anything available; this applies equally to tea, beer, and coffee. The only herbal tea I drink is peppermint, usually from Celestial Seasonings.

    That said, my favourite tea purveyor in the world is Murchie's, a shop in Vancouver, B.C. I keep their Darjeeling on hand for when company comes, and buy their powdered tea mix by the case for summer iced tea and winter hot toddies (mix three scoops plus hot water to taste plus a shot or two of dark rum--clears up colds in a hurry). You can also make a very tasty Thai-style iced tea by reducing the normal amount of water you mix with the powder and adding 1/2 can of sweetened condensed whole milk.

    As far as bottled tea, there's a brand called Honest Tea that makes an EXCELLENT bottled tea with just a little bit of sugar and nothing else. No artificial crap, no weird lemon substitute. It's expensive (about $1.39 for an 8 oz. bottle) but worth it if there's nothing but bottled tea at hand. Lipton has also just started selling plain and sugar-sweetened bottled black tea, which is pretty good.

    Canned teas I like (as I said, I'm indiscriminate) include Thai Kitchen Thai Iced Tea, and Yeo's Thai Iced Tea, as well as some other Phillipine and Japanese brands. Canned teas I hate include that Lipton Brisk garbage--it's not tea, it's caffeinated antifreeze.
  12. by   hapeewendy
    red rose tea is my standby
    orange pekoe
    english breakfast
    mango passionfruit this morning *meowr!*
    raspberry zinger
    sleepytime tea
    shall I go on or do you get the point?
  13. by   researchrabbit
    Bigelow's raspberry is my favorite. But I also like English Breakfast with milk and sugar (but I'll drink almost any kind of tea when I can get it...it's too bad that most tea at fast food places is just not very good).
  14. by   oramar
    I have about 5 cups of tea a day. I try to make sure at least one or two of them is green tea.