Syman Says

  1. - One thing comes to the man who waits, and
    that is whiskers.
    - If ignorance is bliss most of us should be
    very happy.
    - No horse goes as fast as the money we bet on
    - Some people still grin and bear it; others
    today buy and charge it.
    - Every young girl looks forward to the bride
    side of life.
    - A fool and his money can throw a lot of
    - An automobile is only as sober as the driver.
    - Driving tip: If you rear-end a car of the
    freeway, your first move should be to hang up on
    the cell phone.
    - It took the census-takers to find out that
    one third of all married couples aren't.
    - Insurance is a lot like wearing a hospital
    gown. You're never covered as much as you think