Sweet Sunday January 21, 2007

  1. Hello there

    No Crunk tonite, just don't seem to want to settle down tonite. Almost over my cold I THINK! I HOPE!

    Hope all have a wonderful nite/day!
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  3. by   dianah
    Hi Zoe, hope you were able to settle down.

    Here's the day's Wacky Website:


    "Don't Take Any Wooden Nickels!

    When a local bank in Tenino, Washington, failed in 1931, the chamber of commerce decided against traveling over 30 miles to get change. They issued an alternate form of currency, and Lo! the wooden nickel was born. See dozens of examples at this site, and order some of your very own."

    Y'all have a good day! --- D
  4. by   Grace Oz
    G'day and G'night from me!
    Hi Zoe and Di, nice to *see* you!
    My sunday's been spent enjoying the company of our DD who joined us for lunch. Now it's almost 7pm here and time for tea (dinner/supper). We've had more wonderful rains! In fact, it's quite cold at present! We really are a land of contrasts!
    To all who follow, ENJOY your SUNDAY!
  5. by   Spidey's mom
    Good Sunday Morning to Zoe, Dianah and Grace and all who follow

    Woke up for some reason at 2:30 a.m. and can't go back to sleep so got out the crackers and peanut butter and a glass of milk and went to allnurses.

    It is dark here - no rain or snow or winds though. Hopefully another nice sunny day.

  6. by   Tweety
    Good Morning!

    Sorry you can't sleep Steph. You keep such weird hours with your work schedule, it's no wonder.

    It's a work day for me. I hope every has a great day.
  7. by   adrienurse
    Goot Morgan


    Marc turned 30 on Friday and we celebrated with his family here yesterday. Really made this house seem small. The poor cats are traumatized from alternately being locked in the laundry room because of his allergic cousin and then being chased around by his nieces. I had to rescue Rufus from on top of the ductwork in the basement. Too many leftover chips though, that spells trouble for me. So with his birthday money and soem that I said I'd contribute, Marc is getting a snowblower. That'll be soooooo nice. This month has been crazy with having to shovel.
  8. by   jnette
    Good Morning Peeps and Peepettes!

    Zoe.. glad to hear you've turned the corner.. hope you keep feeling better!

    Grace.. enjoy those rains!

    Adrien.. sound like a snowblower is just the thing for you guys up there! Happy belated B'day to Marc!

    Steph.. hope you're sleeping again by now.

    Hi there Di and Tweety!

    Well, yesterday wasn't bad at all... saw two patients in the a.m. and only had one extra call shortly after. No calls the rest of the day or last noc. Wonderful.

    This morning I have three patients to see, and hopefully no more, as our first true winter storm has arrived. Starting out as snow and sleet early this morning (as in NOW) and turning to all freezing rain by noon. Up to a quarter inch ice expected. So I need to get my visits done EARLY and get back home and off those roads!!!

    Better jump in the shower and get ready. Catch you all later! Hope you have a good'n !
  9. by   compassion1
    Good morning everyone. Day #7 of 7. I'm off tomorrow then back for 3 days. I'll be with my lady, again, who was in such pain. We've got the pain under control. I was able to get her an air mattress which helped too. Now I'm trying to get her Dd to go home and get some sleep. Gotta take care of family too.

    (((Zoe))), thanks for starting the thread this morning. I'm glad that cold is clearing up for you. Take care of yourself.

    Grace, I hope you had a good sleep and enjoy your Monday.

    Di and Steph, I hope you both finally settled in for a good night's sleep too. I hate those nights that I can't snooze.

    Tweety, have a good and peaceful day at work.

    Adrien, Goot Morgan to you too and happy belated birthday to Mark. Sounds like you had a good day though busy. Poor kitty. I don't blame him for hiding in a nice peaceful place. Probably put out because he didn't get some b'day cake too. Enjoy the snowblower. That's a major reason I live in FL.

    (((Jnette))), have a good, quick and safe day at work.

    You all have a God blessed day.
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  10. by   sirI
    mornin' mornin' mornin'

    coffee coffee coffee

    ya'll have a great sunday.
  11. by   clemmm78
    I must be really losing it. I could have sworn I posted in here early this morning!

    Good morning all on this blustery and very cold day. Just finished night two of four nights. Praying that my back will hold off for the final two nights. I've tried everything, including two empracet 30s and muscle relaxants. Nothing, nada, rien, zilch, zippo. Good thing is after this stretch of four, I'm off for six.

    Good thing I have my laptop. Something nasty happened to my desktop computer. DH spilled beer on the keyboard and it's not working, but the computer itself is acting weird. I'm running a virus scan on it right now, but there is something definitely wrong. can't be the beer because it just hit the keyboard, and it's cordless so it's not like the computer could slurp some up with the wire acting like a straw.

    Ok, off to put some ice on my back. Everyone have a good day!
  12. by   suzy253
    Morning one and all. Just got up--opened my eyes to a big cat head with purrs and cold nose in my face. Work 3-11 today.
    Cold!!! 17 degrees and still blustery but beautiful bright blue skies.
    A week from today, I'm hosting my GF's baby shower in my house. I've got so much to do still. Thank goodness there are others who are bringing food and stuff but still.............the dust bunnies alone on the hardwoods (4 cats!) just will not do at all. :spin:

    My head is still pounding from an elderly male pt last night, dementia, confused, put in a chair and kept by the nurses station so we could keep an eye on him. Poor dear, couldn't help it but after awhile of non stop talk and taking off his clothes and diaper everyone was quite a rush to leave when the 11p-7a shift showed up.

    More coffee!!!
  13. by   jenn_rn_nj
    happy sunday to you all

    study day for me. i hope you all have a wonderful day or night.

  14. by   TCRNCOB61
    Morning everyone,

    This has nothing to do with nursing but I last night I went to the Monster Truck Jam in Tampa. What fun! Yes I maybe getting old but I still love watching those huge trucks jump over cars and all the noise they make. We tailgated 1st, had hamburgers on the grill. Nothing like 1000's of people in a parking lot cooking and partying waiting for a show to start.

    Hope everyone has a blessed day,