Swaziland money wasted

  1. Just saw an article about the King of Swaziland who has decided to buy himself a 60million$ jet. That amount is almost twice what the nation spends on health care in a year. This comes when AIDS and poverty are destroying the country (the life expectancy is somewhere around 40). The United States (and several other countries) have reportedly told the king they will never allow his jet to land on their soil as a protest. The citizens of the country even staged a walkout to vent their anger. The Canadian gov't has said they will give aid to private organizations doing charity work in the country, but not to the government itself. I hope other countries will do the same. I think this shows the need for control over certain "aid" money, because it obviously isn't getting to the people who need it.
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    You would be floored if you knew where your Tax dollars were going to overseas. As I sit in Cairo Egypt and look around for the 17 Billion and yes thats with a B, given to this country from the USA alone, I have yet to see where any of it is? There poverty status is deplorable, the healthcare is unspeakable, and yet Gold drips from the President down into the cabinet. The children that are dropped off because there is no incentitive to take care of your own, run the streets and are often taken into the slave markets to work in the middle east. Yet we contiue to hand money out like it grows on trees. If you find a plane disgusting then I suggest you not step foot out of were you are at, because when you do you will be so ashamed of the greed you will throw up.
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    I saw a guy on tv talk show. He was some sort of retired goverment specialist. He said most money sent to help to countries like Swaziland ends up in a Swiss bank acount that belongs to some official.
    He wasnt lying!!!!!!!!!!!!!
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    Which is why people are looking at donating to private aid organisations instead.