Suspect in baby's beating held on $1M bail

  1. This is one of the cruelest cases of child abuse that I have read about. The baby is 4 months old and was found to have 17 fractures caused by the beatings that the suspect inflicted on her. This animal also beat his girlfriend, the baby's mom, and terrorized her parents. It's a heartbreaking story...,1...70557,00.html#
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  3. by   SmilingBluEyes
    I cannot and will not read the link. All I will do is say a prayer for that baby's soul and that of the family. I can't take such stories. They rip my soul away little by little, but thanks for making me aware there is someone who passed who needs to be remembered by us. (sniff)....
  4. by   Mint Julip
    I don't blame you for not wanting to read the article. I was in complete shock when I did but the link does not work anyway for some reason.

    The baby is alive however. She is in serious but stable condition at Children's Hospital in Boston. Children's is one of the top hospitals in Mass. so I'm sure she is receiving the best care possible.
  5. by   Spidey's mom
    Deb/Mint . . . . it is awful isn't it? Sending these innocent babies out with parents who do not have a clue how truly lucky they are and how precious and valuable their children are. I do not want to read the story either. I just discharged a mom and baby and have made a referral for public health to follow up . . . I won't go into details but it breaks my heart. Today my mother-in-law brought my 2 year old into the hospital for the weekly church service she helps with in our LTC. I took a break and rocked him and nursed him, all the while praying for the little boy I was soon going to discharge with an airhead for a mom and a creep as a dad. Looking down at my son, I just cried. Is this new little baby going to feel caresses and kisses and soft hands and rocking?

    I'm tired of my job today. I'm tired of stupid evil people.

  6. by   SmilingBluEyes
    I second that, Stevie. Stupid, evil people make me sick. And I see too many of them where I work. :-(

    Baby is alive, eh. Well I hope IF she recovers, they can find her a home where she will get DECENT care and be SAFE. THIS makes me sick.
  7. by   Noney
    Yep. It's awful. I'm not reading it either. Just don't feel up to it today. I just don't understand why anyone would be so cruel to a child. If you don't want a child give it to someone who does want it!
  8. by   Mint Julip
    I tossed and turned all night thinking about this little girl and the more I think about it the more I can't make sense of her family's behavior.

    Her mom and grandparents claimed they never called the police because they were afraid. I don't fault them for being afraid but in my mind that does not justify allowing some psychopath to use your daughter/granddaughter as a punching bag.

    I have two children and yeah they can drive ya nuts but boy do I love them to pieces. I would not and could not allow someone to hurt them to save my own skin. The first time would be the last one way or another.

    I took care of a baby under similar circumstances as a student. It was the first time I had ever seen something like that. It was hard for me. That is why I could never work in pedi but I have a lot of respect for the nurses and docs who do.
  9. by   Spidey's mom
    I work in a rural hospital so do many jobs here. One is OB. As an OB nurse, you see alot of this. Also work ER. Alot there too.

    Just walking in the grocery store you see it.

    Have you seen Martina McBride's video to her song "Concrete Angel" on CMT?

    Heartbreaking . . . .