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  1. Ok, I know this show has little merit but many others on TV lack also. I started watching out of curiosity, see the Austrailian outback, boredom, and whatever. Now who do you think deserves to win tonight?
    Who would you vote out and who would you pick as the final winner? How do you think Tina has done?
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  3. by   Elenaster
    I'm thinking it should be Tina also. I, of course (being from Ky.,) was rooting for Ky. Joe and Elisabeth, but out of the three left Tina is the most deserving. I think the reason Keith is still there is because Tina or Colby either one could beat him in the end. He has made too many enemies with the "jury of the damned." Colby has already won way too much in my opinion, and had he not won immunity the past 300 times, I think he would have been outta there a long time ago because he's such a threat in the physical challenges. I hope that Tina wins immunity, although rumor has it that Keith wins immunity tonight, and then she beats Colby in the end.
    I would really like to see a woman win this time and Tina is a CNA, so I guess she counts as a nurse-type person. Also, (I'm speaking from experience here) anyone who has worked as a CNA (or a nurse, for that matter) deserves a million $$
  4. by   Cafe
    I have to agree with you both, I believe Tina has actually done the best job. Colby should have been gone a long time ago, but I thought that of Richard too in the first one. Now who could be so naive as to not realize you don't take coral from the barrier reef, and the show for airing it? I don't buy the artificial sincerity either after each of his challenges either on how much he missed the group and felt bad they couldn't enjoy it either. Now it will depend on the jury. Who knows, Keith may win by default!! They all deserve a bit for what they endured! I believe after the first few weeks of being there, it really does do a number on your head, trying to keep up playing the game. Alot of time for soul searching!!! I will be watching as I know you will.
  5. by   duckie
    I'll admit that I didn't even see one episode of the first one, hard to watch TV at nights when you work 2nd's. I started making an effort to watch this one after my daughter told me her Dad, (my x-hubby of 20 years) had sent in a tape to try and be on the next one. Don't know if he'll make it but hope he does. I have actually enjoyed watching it and I do hope Tina wins. There has been some pretty emotional times and I don't doubt that some of the friendships will be lasting. I thought Keith asking his girlfriend to marry him was sort of grand-standing, but he's not my favorite, so maybe I took it the wrong way. I was glad Jerri was voted off, didn't like her even more than I don't like Keith. I think they're all gonna have trouble getting back to their lives once they're back. Eating real food might be hard for a while and they have all lost a lot of weight. My daughter is throwing a Survivor party tonight, it should be interesting. Happy watching!
  6. by   Stargazer
    Hi, my name is Stargazer, and I'm a Survivor addict. Of course I really wanted Elisabeth and Rodger to be in the final 2, but obviously that's not gonna happen now. Of the Final 3, my choice would be for Tina. I think she's been the most politically and diplomatically skilled at playing the game, and I also think she's the most genuine of the 3 (even Colby admitted last week that Tina and Elisabeth are "the real deal.") I haven't completely forgiven her for going through Kel's backpack, but of the options available, she's my pick.

    Thing is, I don't think either Keith or 'the Colbster'(he REALLY needs to quit calling himself that. Gack) can win against Tina in the final round. However, they dislike each other so much that I don't see them doing the smart thing and voting Tina off so they each have a better chance in the final. Also, Colby said last week his only allegiance was to Tina. So I think Tina and Colby in the final, with Tina taking the million. Tune in tomorrow to see me either bragging or eating crow! Fact is, once Jerri was voted off, I was so happy I didn't care who won as long as it wasn't her.
  7. by   Stargazer
    Okay, kids, did we call it or what? Not bad considering Colby wa the odds-on favorite. Now my only regret is that I didn't actually bet money on Tina......
  8. by   Cafe
    I was very glad to see Tina won since it came down to Colby and her. She fought hard and played the game and I didn't agree with the comment continually that she was a backstabber. I wish the best for her and sure would like a million myself. You know, I still wouldn't give up my job as a nurse. I love what I do and it gives me purpose and a way to give back. After reading the book Pay It Forward, I believe as nurses, we do this alot. I also get back many times over from patients that supercedes those bad days and unappreciative patients and more than that= families. Although we understand many times it is their frustrations of not being able to do for them or loss of controls, there are families that have been so grateful and appreciative when they are losing their loved one, that we treated them with respect and kindness and especially their loved one. My hat is off to Tina!!!!!
  9. by   neonnurse2
    Okay, I'm ready to be clobbered for saying this but I don't agree that Tina was the most deserving to win.... I didn't view her as being strategic but rather manipulative. As far as I'm concerned, she glommed onto Colby and stayed under the radar. And what the hell was up with Colby voting off Keith when he knew he'd have it in the bag if he'd voted of Tina??? Didn't he say over and over that he was there to win, and busted his butt to win all those ammunity challenges. I'm cynical enough to think that cbs cut a deal with Colby to do promos or whatever for them...and did anyone notice that Elizabeth write a C when she cast her vote, then later said the she voted for Tina? Whats up with that? Just my opinion.