Survivor - people's choice...spoiler

  1. yea Rupert! I just love that hippy man and his hippy glad they won the $$$.
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  3. by   LydiaGreen
    Yes! Everyone in my house was cheering, whistling, hooting, and hollering when they announced Rupert had won. During the big build-up I told my husband that if they awarded it to Boston Rob or Big Tom I would NEVER watch the show again. And I MEANT it. Rupert deserved it more than anyone else for sure! He did the most to keep everyone ALIVE out there and he never lied or betrayed anyone. Isn't that amazing? Most of the people on survivor go on saying that they are going to stick to their word and not stab anyone in the back but I would say that Rupert is the only one who has ever managed to actually stick with his morals and principles - an excellent example to the kids he works with.
  4. by   LaVorneRN
    I loved Rupert from the first show when he stole all the other tribe's stuff then gloated in his pirate voice. He's so scruffy and cuddly and the sweetest thing. He proved to be more of an asset than everyone initially thought because of his size. I was hoopin an hollerin too-and growlin with my fists in the air. My husband thought I lost my little pregant marbles!heehee!!!
  5. by   nurseygrrl

    I was SO happy that Rupert won! There really IS Survivor justice!!!

    His little girl, Raya, was adorable too...
  6. by   warrior woman
    [b] Rupert Rocks!!
  7. by   Brendy
    I didnt even know about that show!!!
    Can someone tell me what it was??
    Im assuming it was viewers choosing their favorite, is that right??
    What was the Prize???
    I too was a huge Rupert fan from the first show he was on, he got me too when he took the others stuff.
    Love his personality and down to earth ways!!
    I think he was a huge asset on both shows, he kept everyone well fed....
    Im just sorry I missed him getting something he so deserved.
  8. by   emmy
    Hi Brendy
    Haven't seen the show yet, I live in Australia, anyway Rupert won a million Dollars! Basically viewers had to vote who they thought should win.