Survivor 4--my unhealthy addiction continues

  1. Okay, so who watched the first ep of Survivor Marquesas last night? Damn CBS--just when I was losing interest in the whole Survivor phenomenon, they upped the ante by dumping the contestants on an island with NO rations, NO fire, NO water, and the promise that they would never be given these items, ever. Whee! Now this is more like it.

    This time, the contestant they describe as a nurse is actually a nurse! An RN named John, who is kind of a hottie, I must say. AND he was the one to get the fire going for his tribe--yay John! And the contestant I love to hate? So far, it's Sarah--she of the gigantic inflatable boobs ("She has a very cute body. She paid a lot of money for it," said another contestant--hee) and the lazy disposition. Call her this seasons' Jerri.

    Okay, 'fess up--who else is wearing the chains of addiction?
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  3. by   hoolahan
    D*$N! I missed it!! I admit it, I love this wacky program, but be prepared to be flamed for it, I got reamed a new one and told what a low-life I was for watching this program on the NSBB!!

    I am here to say, I don't care, I like it, so there!

    Stargazer, keep me posted. Thursdays are a very bad night, I can barely make it home to watch the second half of the show. I wish they'd show it again like HBO does for their programs like Oz, Sex in the City and Sopranos, and my new fav Six Feet Under.
  4. by   Stargazer
    Originally posted by hoolahan
    I admit it, I love this wacky program, but be prepared to be flamed for it, I got reamed a new one and told what a low-life I was for watching this program on the NSBB!!
    Oh, please. Culture Nazis can bite me. I read voraciously, travel extensively, and stay informed on current events. If I want to watch a little trash TV occasionally, that is my God-given right.

    Next time they give you a hard time, hoolahan, feel free to quote from this article.
  5. by   live4today
    Hello Survivor 4 addicts! I too am a "Survivor addict"! I got it really really bad, too! :chuckle

    On Survivor Africa, Ethan had my full attention, drooling on myself at times over his totally good looks, and I named him the winner of the million dollars on the very first show! He looked like a winner in my book.

    Now, Hunter is the one who has my full attention! Don't you guys and gals think he looks a lot like Tom Cruise? His smile, his eyes, his entire facial look is Tommy all over! He's not only handsome with a great body to boot, he's smart and my kind of thinker! I'll bet my money on him as the winner, or at least in the top three who remain by the end of the show.

    Go Hunter! Go Hunter! Go Hunter! :kiss I still love ya too, Ethan! :kiss

    Since hubby isn't into Survivors, I watch it all alone. Then, after the show, either my youngest daughter and her husband are calling me, or I am calling them. They are big fans, also, so we really get into it!

    I too wanted "Booby" Sarah voted off the show, especially when she came floating in on the raft with her team members. She didn't appear to be getting her hands dirty, and she stood on that raft like a "queen goddess"! Didn't you just want to be there to trip her down to size? :chuckle She's another Jeri alright! :chuckle
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  6. by   Hardknox
    Sean said that Sarah didn't lift a finger to row in...that she thought she was Cleopatra on her barge. She is a tribute to silicon--Queen Boobs-a-lot. I SOOOO wanted her off that island. Peter is a neighbor of mine...and he's just the nicest guy---different, but a great Dad and husband, and a workaholic. The tribes loss. He was a great interview with Gumble and Clayson this morning. I hope the other tribe wins!!!
  7. by   Stargazer
    Don't worry, Hardknox, Sarah'll be on her way soon. And I think the other tribe WILL dominate-- I don't see a lot of strength in Maraamu except Hunter and Gina.

    Renee--I don't think Hunter looks anything like Tom Cruise, which is good because I loathe Tom Cruise--he gives me the wiggens (TM Buffy). Hunter is considerably taller, with much lighter hair, and doesn't smirk nearly as much. Thank goodness.

    Well, I suspected it, but just saw on another board that it's official---John the RN-turned-law-student is gay. So I'll still root for him, but Hunter is now my official Survivor boyfriend.
  8. by   live4today
    I first noticed Tom Cruise in Hunter's features through the twinkle in his eyes, and the smile. Even though they have different eye and hair coloring, and Hunter is taller than Cruise, the resemblance is strong, but I accept my opinion as being just that, and respect what you see (or don't see), too, Stargazer. Nonetheless, Hunter is still the hottie of them all.

    I too noticed that John,RN was Gay before it was even told. He's so cute, but since I'm heterosexual, I won't go drooling over John. Seems like all the cuties are Gay these days. Hmmmm.
  9. by   aus nurse
    I too am happy to tell i'm a survivor watcher but we must be way behind the US. We have only just started the aussie series just a couple of weeks ago.

    Who wins????
  10. by   CountrifiedRN
    Hi survivor fans! I've been hooked since the first show! They've got an interesting group this time, and I'm not sure who I'm rooting for yet. I got lots of laughs at the little comments being made about the contestants, especially Sarah. The Cleopatra comment had me rolling, it was perfect how they showed her holding her oar as if it were a septor while everyone else was rowing away!

    Aus nurse, I couldn't forgive myself if I ruined the surprise for you! But I can say that it was a close vote at the end!
  11. by   mother/babyRN
    I love the show too....Often wondered if there was a nurse survivor show made up entirely of nurses, would we be super competitive or group together to help each other out......Could go either way....I thought the nurse guy on the show was a whiner, at least so far....
  12. by   live4today
    Mother/babyRN... In answer to your question...

    If nurses had their own televised Nurse Survivor show, pitting one group of nurses against another group of nurses, whether or not they would group together or be super competitive would depend on the nurses chosen to play the game.

    EXAMPLE: If you pit Allnurses against Nursing Spectrum Nurses, Allnurses would win every time because we are a group of winners in every category. We listen to one another without cat-fighting, without namecalling, and we "agree to disagree" without feeling the need to retaliate and spew hateful comments at each other. We have no problem acknowledging and validating one another as "live people" and not just as "cyber-chatters". We know how to come together in a spirit of timidity, emotional strength and respect, and be able to maintain our sense of humor at the same time. "Allnurses" is the best nursing group of survivors on the entire nursing web, without a doubt in my mind!

    Remember Ethan who won the last Survivor's Challenge? The one thing that helped him to win was his super winning personality, his ability to get along with everyone on his team, his unwillingness to be dragged into anyone else's arguments, and his ability to remain calm in the midst of every storm presented them. He reserved his "mental and emotional energy" to add to his "physical energy" which when coupled together with his spiritual strength, he couldn't help but win the game.

    It takes more than physical strength to be a winner in life. And, good sportmanship on a team goes a long way in terms of being successful at something.
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  13. by   shanzo89
    I have to admit that I like watching Survivor. Hubby has to tape it for me, since I'm taking A&P on Thursday nights! My brother is a true Survivor addict, in fact he just sent me a 25 page "Survivor Report" to help those of us playing the Yahoo Survivor game. He has some interesting insights into who might win!

  14. by   live4today
    So far, I want Hunter to win, but I may change my decision as time goes by...