1. Anyone catch the first episode of the new season? They've continued to make it even harder to win by increasing the number of contestants to 20. Remember it used to 16, then they raised it to 18 and now 2 more. The teams are divided into ethnic groups, and they are woefully mismatched. Some teams have 2 guys and 3 women and others vice versa. The African American team, who lost last night's challenge, was one of those with 2 guys and one of them was overweight and out of shape (and was the first person voted out!) The Asian team has 3 guys, and they're all in great shape. Granted one of them is older, but he also came to this country as a Vietnam refugee and has some skills that are probably going to serve him well in this game. The Hispanic team also has 3 guys, and one of them is also woefully out of shape and incredibly lazy to boot and the Caucasian team has only 2 guys, and one of them is older.