Surviving colonoscopy prep

  1. I just found out that I need to have a colonoscopy done in the near future. I am not really scared of the procedure itself, but of the prep before it. Any tips on getting through this with a somewhat less sore backside? Any advice would be appreciated!! Thanks.
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  3. by   tillie1
    pooh...If you are given a choice of prep (as I was) go for the mag citrate. it tastes gross (very salty) but it was very gentle. I had zero cramping and only one time a sense of "get out of my way" to the bathroom!! I was petrified of the test, i am a whimp all the way but am a true believer in demerol and versed now!! good luck, hope all goes well. tillie
  4. by   NRSKarenRN
    Golightley does NOT go down lightly........stayed overnight to pour 2 liters down my 94 YO Grandmothers throat several years ago....although the docs were able to view the colon and pick up her slow growing tumor; guaranteed if they left it alone she'd see 95 which we did... she died at 99 1/2!

    I prefer MAg Citrate and Biscodyl supossitory myself....never felt a thing on past 3 scopes and no gas cramping either...Doc has a gentle touch and amnesia from versed.
  5. by   prmenrs
    My prep wasn;t that bad, but the procedure hurt like he**, as well as afterward--got 100 of Demerol and 5 of Versed, but yowser!!! It HURT.

  6. by   Caro

    I found that chilling the solution helped me tolerate it.
    As for the procedure itself - ask for lots of drugs and you'll be fine.