Surgery across country

  1. I'm here in Connecticut and Mom's scheduled for surgery in California.
    Wondering if there are any nurses posting here that work at John Muir Medical Center. I just hate being so far away and would welcome the spare pair of eyes.
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  3. by   boggle
    Sorry darn1219, nowhere near California, but....

    Hopefully you can establish a rapport with a wonderful nurse who can set your mind at ease via phone from time to time.

    Was in a similar situation a while back. The hospital had an arrangement for families where the patient gave consent for information to be released to family who had the "secret PIN number". They even gave us a 1-800 number to use. They said call whenever we needed to ease our minds, day or night, as they were up anyway::chuckle

    Their friendly "caring for the family too" attitude made the whole experience calmer for all!!

    I love nurses!!!!!

    Best wishes to you and your Mom. Hope all goes well!!